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How to Crack a Basic Trial Application / Software in 5 mins with OllyDbg (EyeTwig Tracker Trial)

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Sorry for the speed of the video, I know it can be confusing; just bare with me. I had to speed it up to keep the video around 5 minutes long. Internet troubles.

In this Tutorial, we crack a Face Tracking application called EyeTwig Tracker.

We use OllyDbg 2.0 to open the .exe to view its Assembly code, we then search for a string that will let…

35 Comments on How to Crack a Basic Trial Application / Software in 5 mins with OllyDbg (EyeTwig Tracker Trial)

  1. Se fai un tutorial, non puoi farlo andare a questa velocità.
    non si capisce un cazzo!

  2. can you crack OllyDbg 2.0?

  3. Get a program that gets rid of that annoying blue rectanglr cursor ffs!!!

  4. Not working on windows 10 some libvdgide. dll error.


  6. otro cyber-imbecil…

  7. I hope that some one makes a crack or something for hamradiodeluxe

  8. 2010 sound broke my ear drums

  9. Hello, i have a software to be cracked, can anybody help me ?

  10. Hi. Cracking the trial software it's not hard, but I think the cracking demo software is impossible! Do you have a method to crack a demo version?

  11. Hi bro thanks
    Can u pl hack WhAppsender

  12. A 0.5 speed with this sound looks like lucifer plays organ

  13. Thank You dud. Work perfect.

  14. Crack for vegasaur please

  15. Your a fuck wit !! people trying to learn things here are usually inexperienced in a particular area and trying to follow someone thats like on crack with a motor function disorder is impossible even if they try and use the pause button ! plus it looks like you dont respond to any comments asking questions !again your a fuck wit !

  16. At least he explained why he sped it up, even if it wasn't the ideal solution. Switch it to 0.5 speed and it's tolerable.

    It's still odd that he does thing like breaking up words when moving to a new line, actually writing akwakward pause words like "Okay." before moving on. Not problems, just amusing quirks.

    Now let's see if I can get this bugger to work.

  17. all pdf convater 3.3.6 crack plise

  18. What if the exe uses no referenced text strings?

  19. Does it work with TVPaint?

  20. Hi, Great tutorial.
    Could you do one on "Asoftech Automation" please, I couldn't find a crack anywhere.
    Thank you sir.

  21. hi from 2017!~ video is not fast if you already know this)

  22. This guy is pretty fast, but with pause, you could follow him. Has anyone verified this works and how hard would this be for someone with no cracking, hacking experience?

  23. Any tricks to use webstorm for life time ? Except that student offer

  24. how to edit encrypted exe

  25. Would this work with software that has no time limit but has limited functionality in the demo version?

  26. You didn't show us anything you just made sure you showed off.

  27. 4:58 YOU STILL DIDNT CRACK IT MAN ! what a waste of time!!

  28. Everyone saying it was too fast but I think it was fine if you can't read that fast you're probably not gonna be able to change assembly code lol

  29. too fast could not understand, it seems no one should understand your video

  30. your video is shit, too speed, we don't understend anything

    Ta vidéo c'est de la merde, on y comprends rien, ça va trop vite, c'est flou, con curseur est énorme et ta musique est merdique.

  31. Hi,I do have a program using UniKey dongle to run , how can we crack it?

  32. to fast and 90% of the ppl cant folow your steps how to search the string your mousebutton is amazing BIG

    if u guys wanna crack progs and games use softice and learn to use it…

  33. 5:08 It show error message its why?

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