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How to Crack any Software

This is just for learning.
Softwares used:

My New Tutorial Link – (Intro to Crackin using OLLYDBG)

For Password Please watch the above video at the end you will find the password to open the above ZIP.
Crack Program used link-

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39 Comments on How to Crack any Software

  1. Hello suresh anna,i want to install windows 10 on windows 7(as dual boot) without losing any of the data of the windows 7 but iam facing a problem of dynamic disk which is stoping me to install win10.The problems are
    1.How to make dynamic disk(iam having only disk0) into partition disk(basic disk)
    2.iam having four volumes(C:in which windows 7 is installed),D and I which are completely empty and volume E in which my enter data is available.
    3.i tried various online disk converter(ALMOST ALL) which are available for free to convert it into basic disk.
    4.i was tried using command prompt
    5.i dont have an external HD to take the backup but still i want to install w10 on w7 without losing data

  2. Users (Suresh-PC/Adminstrators) lol

  3. Jesus can you at least use windows movie maker? God.

  4. Guys Watch my New Tutorial. A real Crack this time.

  5. Gangnam style? -_-
    Hurray so much to Gangnam?

  6. very nice idea software hack

  7. Suresh, you are damn good.

  8. Suresh bhai This video was awesome but Please i want to see your That latest video of ollydby.

  9. Hola amigo, me podrías decir si esto sirve para IRRICAD v14 que lleva hardware key? gracias.

  10. Thanks dear, I am try to use this trick.

  11. great video , but as i am new to hacking i probably need a video for DUMMIES with step by step instructions, until i can understand a bit better-KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  12. This music is Fort Minor – Remember The Name, no Akon – Keep Up =)


  14. Hello, I likes your tut, but your new tut was deleted…

  15. Your new link to the video is removed or I can`t acces it…..Can you help?

  16. This is strictly for techies,hackers and programmers.Everybody else forget about it.

  17. very great job..! By the way can u make a crack for me some application like IDM (Internet Download Manager), please??

  18. What's the name of the first melody

  19. hi, can you post your email Id, i need to ask you something

  20. Guys watch my new tutorial….!
    Watch "How to Crack any software using OLLYDBG – Intro":

  21. Can you crack a small program for me pretty please 🙂

  22. Thanks Guys for Sharing your Thoughts, Sorry about my poor language in the video, i was pretty fast on that part.

  23. Please just use your voice rather than crappy notepad narrations. 

  24. See that? now he's not a stupid person that waste his money, good job 😛

  25. could you crack some software,i having no joy.when i enter a trial code it says "invalid trial code" and then i cant find the text

  26. That softwares with registration codes and serials are easy to crack or bypass but there is those who dont have that and then you must have big pattience and time and luck too

  27. use dotpeek it's  better

  28. do it with driver booster 2 beta too:))

  29. W32DSM – Are note working on a: Win7 Home Premium 64bit. 🙁
    – Some suggestions?…

  30. That is some amazing Job !!!!

  31. really this is not working on my windows 8 so i need to find something els 

  32. any software can be cracked by W32Dasm and HIEW32?

  33. lucky man
    my dream learn that 

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