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How To Crack Not Genuine Windows 7 (any Version) Full Tutorial Part2

Part 1:


Software needed is on part 3.

20 Comments on How To Crack Not Genuine Windows 7 (any Version) Full Tutorial Part2

  1. When I try its ask for a password . Help

  2. take that music and go dance with your fucking mom fag

  3. there is a better ways than this and better  than using any software (like remowe wat or loader)., this softwares  lose their activation after some time or you have on the right bottom screen that sign "Windows is not genuine"., you must all know that this videos are watch technician and programmers from Microsoft and if they see (and they see) some holes in their softwares they change that next time when they have new version or update 

  4. ok seems to work,,, for now.. and didnt get the expected blue screan or dead pc ::)) still antiV finds it as a malware

  5. Can someone tell me if it worked?

  6. Did it say "Successful" ?

  7. After i restart, the problem is still there.

  8. where can i get remove wat link please'

  9. I did this a month ago now when I try it say remove wat doesn't work what can I do

  10. NOTE: this is not a forever fix 🙁

  11. Funny thing is, I DID buy windows 7, yet it keeps showing up with this windows not geniune bullshit. Thanks!

  12. man thank you soooo much was skeptical but it worked!

  13. i cannot find the emove wat application

  14. go to uninstall or change then on the left side thr z view installed updates click dat in it u will find dat KB971033

  15. if I do this will I lose all stuff on my computer

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