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How To crack Remote Desktop Service on Windows Server 2012 R2

you can download “termsrv.dll” on following link:

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22 Comments on How To crack Remote Desktop Service on Windows Server 2012 R2

  1. ما هم میدونیم ????

  2. Its works!!! great (arkadaşlar bizzat denedim çalışıyor. server 2012r2 de denenmiştir.)

  3. doesn't works on CAL

  4. haji to iranii??

  5. it does'nt work on windows server 2019

  6. Pero no me deja copiarlo a la carpeta windows system32

  7. Guys i need license for remote desktop services 2012

  8. Works on Windows Server 2016. Thanks 😀

  9. Hello u have skype icq or facebook ?

  10. i have to reapply rhe terms after 120 days ? or should i uninstall the rdp broker ? can i get 10 users online on server simultaneously ?

  11. I am connected to my virtual server through RDC, I am disconnected when I stop Remote Desktop services. Any workaround?

  12. ¿Funciona para windows server 2012 estandar?

  13. gracias, me fue muy útil .

  14. Also works on windows server 2012R2 Datacenter, thanks a lot!

  15. Worked well but I have a little question, Do I need to purchase any licenses or it's OK with this this patch? also can I allow all users to use server remotely for their daily operations like mails and office products? is it safe? we have more than 50 users working on linux

  16. That working on windows 2008 server?

  17. If youre using WM on Azure, use PSWA to do the trick:

    1. Install PSWA on the server roles.
    2. Run the commands:
    2.1. Install-PswaWebApplication –webApplicationName PSWA –useTestCertificate
    2.2. Add-PswaAuthorizationRule –UserName domainuser –ComputerName * -ConfigurationName microsoft.powershell
    3. Open port 80 on Azure Portal
    4. Open port 443 on Azure Portal
    5. Enter on PSWA throught the web, use: https://yourvirtualmachineadress/pswa
    6. On the PSWA do this:
    6.1 Stop-Service TermService
    6.1 go to cd C:WindowsSystem32
    6.2 TAKEOWN /F .termsrv.dll
    6.3 $rule=new-object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule("domainuser","FullControl","Allow")
    6.4 $acl = Get-ACL .termsrv.dll
    6.5 $acl.SetAccessRule($rule)
    6.6 Set-ACL -Path C:WindowsSystem32termsrv.dll -AclObject $acl
    6.7 move the cracked termsrv.dll to C:WindowsSystem32
    6.8 Start-Sevice TermService
    7. restart computer

    *Tested on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter on Azure at 01/05/2018

  18. Actually works!!!! Best video ever!!! Thank you x 1 billion!!!

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