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How to Download Any File Faster on Windows 10

This video shows you, How to Download Any File Faster on Your Windows 10 PC, It can bring great changes to your download speed. (This is a Complete Step by Step Tutorial)

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24 Comments on How to Download Any File Faster on Windows 10

  1. For some reason it said my download would take 2 months (idk why so long) but now it says 1 hour

  2. The 3rd method really works
    The file which takes 10 hrs to download was downloaded in 3 hrs

  3. wow IDM is REALLY working thank you so much!!!
    from 3 days to 2 hours.

  4. i hope i at least get 3mbps, if so then you will have a new sub

  5. I try right but the downloading is getting slower

  6. don"t do this.this will surely make your download faster but your computer will become slow when using other online apps.


  8. Mines went to 8 hours thanks

  9. Third option kinda worked 🙂 THANKS!

    Edit: Got a new Sub

  10. thanks. now my 1.2gb file will take not 1 hour to download, but 5 mins. You earned a subscriber and a like

  11. Did everything, took a 2.5 hour download down to just a few minutes.

  12. my wifi is veeery slow now but downlaods faster

  13. how you downloaded idm

  14. Welp thanks for your ip

  15. oh great now my download speed is slower

  16. Does this actually work??

  17. from 45 minutes to 6 minutes,thanks so much

  18. It’s so easy just type /gamerule randomtickspeed 100 ez

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