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How to dual boot KALI LINUX and WINDOWS 10

How to dual boot kali linux and windows 10 ? Kali linux hacking tutorials will show you how to do it !!!

Kali linux 2 system requirements :

-A minimum of 10 GB disk space for the Kali Linux install.
-For i386 and amd64 architectures, a minimum of 512MB RAM.
-CD-DVD Drive / USB boot support

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Kali Linux ISO :
Win32 Disk Imager:


47 Comments on How to dual boot KALI LINUX and WINDOWS 10

  1. Nice music, what is its name???

  2. bro bootable flag is not going to on

  3. dude finding connection to wlan0 is not showing to me☹️and atter booting kali there is no wifi network there

  4. This is the only video from thousand videos that said "pendrive should be inserted" . i wasted lot of time wondering about this fucking information .wtf

  5. Unallocated space not recognise in installation of Kali linux

  6. Where to download easy bsd for free

  7. Will all the functions like the wifi and Ethernet function work fully in Kali Linux after dual booting….

  8. I am following the same step but at partition disk, free space is not showing.
    pls help me

  9. i have done these all steps but while selecting partition manually the free space is not shone there. what should i go for it?

  10. why there is to partitions with more than 15 gb, i dont get it

  11. I have followed his tutorial same 2 same but neither i got kali linux nor my pre installed os windows 8.1
    Plz guys dont follow his tutorial

  12. In add new entry option my Linux/BSD is not working or I can't choose it .Please help me..

  13. after installing kali u dont need the flashdrive no more?

  14. Sir, I have made unallocated partition but I didn't find it while installing Kali Linux . please help me .

  15. Fatal error in the grub installation

  16. When I put the iso on my usb it makes a new one called g (I don't have a g) and it puts the data on that. It appears whenever I put my usb in (E) and I can't shrink. What happened?

  17. How to change the UEFI TO LEGACY BOOT MODE

  18. I have installed kali Linux but lost my windows 10.
    How to dual boot kali Linux and windows 10, If I have already installed kali linux

  19. sir how to pratisain in pendrive -win+likux

  20. >poses as leet hacker >uses chrome

  21. in partitions section it does not show my windows partitions

  22. at partition disks after selecting manual option… im not getting any free space in my hard disk location even though after creating unallocated disk space

  23. after i click on usb device in boot manager a black screen appeared with no msg

  24. i cant see the free space in partition disks list although i had shrink volume and created unallocated partition in disk management what should i do b

  25. Installation went fine until "Installing GRUB boot loader" it hangs/stuck at running "update-grub".
    I have tried to reinstall it so many times but it's hangs at the same point. Can you please give me a solution? I have disabled secure / legacy mode

  26. it shows unusuable insted of free space!! any solution??

  27. Please help me. I'm new to linux and I just installed Kali light on my second hdd and when I select Kali it's stuck at grub> commands. I can type commands in the dos type screen but can't boot into Kali. it says that I need to load kernel first. How to fix this ?

  28. sir..can u help me

  29. My windows boot in EFI mode.. When I open EasyBCD, it says that some features are disabled and stuff.. Will this work or I gotta switch to MRB from GPT before?

  30. i cant install it the installation step failed

  31. Did all of you guys pay for easy bcd?

  32. dude i have this error to seeing man booting kali linux debootstrap Error failed to determine the codename for the release

  33. Please channel owner help me?? Hello i am facing not showing any BSSID or wireless network in kali linux while attacking or try to hack password even i have enabled monitor mode and there is no any networks showing while scanning begins what is the reason behind this tell me please soon as you can by showing solved video .

  34. bro … what is the username and password ?? whatever i write it fails and i am not getting option to choose the partition to install the grub boot loader .. why

  35. but you have to pay for easy bcd

  36. easyBCD EFI bootloader detected … and its dosnt work,, how can i dualboot windows10 ?
    any alternate option to boot kali?

  37. it is totely fakeee bro don't subscribe this man

  38. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  39. why me it's no FREE SPACE

  40. Hey, I need help. Kali installs just fine, but whenever I try to boot an error comes up: sp5100_tco i/o address already in use. It then restarts, does the same thing, over and over, how do I fix this?

  41. PLEASE HELP!!!
    After entering my username and password the screen becomes grey with mouse pointer ..Kali home screen is not being displayed..

  42. I'm getting debootstraperror ,failed to determine release

  43. what will be the username to enter? I didn't entered the username while installation

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