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How to duplicate items in Minecraft beta without hacks (works on Pc/Mac)

This is how you easily and quickly can duplicate items in Minecraft Beta without the use of any editors, I found this out accidentally when my save got corrupted and when I restored my “level_dat” I got more stuff.
The level dat only contains your characters inventory and location, nothing else (I think or correct me if Im wrong)

To find your save file on a pc, type this in:

For windows 7
C:UsersYour Windows Account Name HereAppDataRoaming.minecraftsaves

And windows Xp/Vista…

17 Comments on How to duplicate items in Minecraft beta without hacks (works on Pc/Mac)

  1. hacks for minecraft @ AwsomeCheats. net(No spaces)
    Enjoy ! 🙂

  2. @Waffel180 I never said it wasn't a mod.

  3. @Axisofaj Soooo… Toomanyitems is not a mod but a Hack…


  4. @Waffel180 In fact, you're wrong. Hacking is altering the game to make it play in the way the creators didn't want it to be played.

  5. @Dragonsvargon Agreed, Minecraft legit is way funner , but when I'm building massive structures just for publicity I dont like making 100's of stacks of smooth stone 🙂

  6. @Waffel180 Yeah, fine got me there. The main purpose of this vid was to show an alternate method to using hacks/tools/editing etc. To show how you can utilize the way the game is saved, also if people cant be asked to download invEdit.

  7. @Dragonsvargon Yea but invEdit is not a "Hack" it's a "Tool"

  8. @popeye12344 Oh, that I did not know so I might check it out, but I do prefer to "Earn" most of my stuff in minecraft as It adds challenge. This I found accidentally 😀 though…

  9. @Dragonsvargon or, you could get Too Many Items , which is the same as invedit which works on Mac

  10. @arrowfluxx Thats true, but had you read the "Title" It clearly says *Without hacks* (Inv Edit is a sort of hack) and also, inv edit is not avalable for mac use…

  11. use inv edit, faster, same result

  12. THANK YOU this is amazing =]!

  13. i remember looking at your screen when you were playing minecraft and you blue screened you were saying it was lost but when you recoverd it you had more items and the glitch was born

  14. @HaloManCJizzle No prob, hope it helped 😀

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