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how to factory reset toshiba laptop windows 7


Please watch: “how to fix laptop battery plugged in not charging windows 10”


16 Comments on how to factory reset toshiba laptop windows 7

  1. Please help! I dont have Windows recovery wizard!!!

  2. i can get to the advanced thing but it doesnt say "repair computer"…

  3. Works… thanks????

  4. the Toshiba recovery wizard option doesn't show up

  5. Mine does not have the repair option? What do I do?

  6. Its doesn’t work for me but thank you very much for sharing this video.

  7. Thank you very helpful

  8. Boot mode is not appearing after going thru system configuration

  9. hello bro can you help me plz

  10. Dodnt work for mine. Its windows 7 and I held f8 for a good 2 minutes and nothing happened

  11. Poor quality can’t see letters..

  12. I just bought a Toshiba satellite L675. The guy was suppose to give me the operating discs but now he won't answer. I need to reset this thing. It has Ubuntu installed. Nothing is working and it keeps asking for his password.

  13. I don't have toshiba recovery wizard

  14. Do you lose your data by doing this

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