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How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop in Windows 10 – Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC

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48 Comments on How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop in Windows 10 – Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC

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    Written instructions:

  2. I get that first screen every time I start. Pressing the restart option always works. How do I stop it. It is just a nuisance.

  3. When i entered c: it says hard disk is corrupted and its not readable what to do then?

  4. It worked for me and Thnx for giving details about all the options. Tried all options but recover option worked for me… Hope may all the viewers pc's get repaired with this options….

  5. Cannot find the specified path after regback command what is the solution

  6. Is this software problem or hardware

  7. when i typed cd windowssystem32config it says that the system cannot find the path specified

    what this mean?

  8. Wait so if you have zeros dont do it what?

  9. This was probably the only helpful tutorial I’ve seen on YouTube in my whole life. Earned yourself a like.

  10. It really worked you re great man thanks for this.

  11. Automatic repair doesn't pop up how do i do it

  12. Thank you so much………. This video is very useful for me

  13. Win10 is trash.. And I'm not glorifying other types of OS. Everything just DOESN'T WORK.

  14. Thank you, but it does not work. Should I Format my laptop?

  15. my pc failed automatic repair like 3 times but then after turning it off and on its back to working, is there a way to prevent this

  16. What do you do if your PC foezn't even take you to the automatic repair page.. what if your PC keeps looping between start up and auto repair?

  17. 6:09 i do not have the other lanes, between the <DIR> ONE AND THE 0 bytes one can any1 tell me if i should leave that one or proceed?

  18. My windows is c drive
    When i try to access it in cmd by c: it is saying 'The file or director is corrupted and unreadable ' plzzz help

  19. Guys u can reset to fix it i did it and it worked

  20. Sir please tell me that after completion of copy files later if I entered CD reback it showing path is not finded so please tell me what I have do which command I have to use

  21. Thanks sir ✌️✌️????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Hello guys I was searching how to fix my Laptop and I found a 100% Working method.
    Just follow this step

    chkdsk /f /r c:
    cd x:windowssystem32config
    md backup
    copy . backup
    md backup1
    copy . backup1
    cd regback
    copy . ..
    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /fixboot
    bcedit /export x:bedbackup
    attrib x:bootbcd -h -r -s
    ren c:bootbcd bcd.old
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    100% just don't forget the spacing and be patient because some pc if you incode this it takes time. I just want to share it with you guys because I know the struggle of having a pc but doesn't work properly.

    Dont forget to like to see this to all of those seeking to fix your computer because we have the same problem.

    THANKS ME LATER. And also thankyou very to the real owner of this method.

  23. Okey so im here becouse:
    – i noticed that my windows defender was missing and downloaded some antivirus programs and ran some tests. > crash
    – it gave me blue screen and when i restarted i had an 2 errors: winscomrssrv.ddl missing and StartupCheckLibrary.ddl missing. Also i couldnt launch any browsers
    – crash -> blue screen again
    – now i cant even boot
    – after many tries i managed to get to windows repair
    – i restarted and now i cant get back to this
    – im going to try again later. And hopefully this video will help me.

    I think i lost all my data from ssd
    Any suggestions for me?

  24. Thank you, nothing worked

  25. there is no item on regback anyone help me ????????????

  26. I factory reset it and it accident got unplugged at 2% and it’s on a loop

  27. I got mine fixed by disable something about antivirus at startup settings

  28. I used the command prompt method and it says my c directory is corrupted, will all my data be gone if I reinstall windows 10 with USB stick?

  29. Thanks so much bro. You're awesome. Godbless you!

  30. Reach 2 Million views on this video.

  31. My laptop won’t go past the reset pc option it just takes me to the main menu and it just won’t let me reset my dell, do I need to get a usb windows 10 and factory reset it like that . Do I just trow the computer away ? Internet help

  32. What should I do if it says I’m not signed in as any administrator

  33. I installed 1 TB yesterday so it is sudden change of hardware but yet I did same things like u and when we came to part like attempting repairs and similar I got windows didn't star correctly and restore your data like it will remove just apps and data that was installed recently and I might downloaded RDR2 with malware hiding cuz I had multiple tabs opening every 4 mins

  34. How to fix efi shell

  35. 5:56 what happens if I don't follow that warning?

  36. i believe it’s something i downloaded but how can i delete it if i can’t get in my fomputer

  37. This is the second time this video saved me

  38. worked. Thanks a lot❤️

  39. Thank you!! It worked.
    I was sure my laptop is toasted for sure. I did all these steps and didnt work at first. Blue screen again. Then just clicked shutdown PC option. Turned it on again and badumtss, got in. OEEE!

  40. It can delete files???

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