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How to Fix Windows 7 / windows 8 / 10 Start-up Problems – Blackscreen – Bootloop [HD]

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42 Comments on How to Fix Windows 7 / windows 8 / 10 Start-up Problems – Blackscreen – Bootloop [HD]

  1. Thanks for the video, I really appreciate this help, thanks you

  2. Thank you man you are great

  3. Thank you Bro.. much love from Tanzania

  4. Thank you so much

  5. Thank you… Since you are brilliant, I have a question. My REGBACK Directory had SAM.LBK and USERDIFF and the other files you had, so I erased both of them after it did not work with the two additional files and it still did not boot but behavior was not worse.

    My question is this… Was the Sam.lbk and Userdiff placed there to give someone access to my system? I am not paranoid!!! I have good reason to believe it is possible.

  6. Didnt work hmmm?

  7. At the last step, I pressed enter,and it said: " The process doesn't have access to the file because it is used by another process." So,what to do now?:/

  8. It worked!!
    Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you….
    thank you so much sir
    It's really works ????????

  10. Sorry sir.
    This use cd windows for repair the windows os ?
    Because in my netbook, no choice for repair system.

  11. what if all is 0?

  12. thank you very much …i tried several different ways..but none of it worked except the prompt one

  13. thanks the last option worked [command prompt]

  14. It worked. Thank you so much!

  15. My problem is the System Recovery Options doesn't show… It won't pop up

  16. After startup repair it repeat all

  17. It really works ….
    Thanks a lot

  18. What if the values are zero???

  19. I cant do the D: >cd windowssystem32config

  20. I wanna ask sir, how if this always happend not only once? What should i do? Should i always type the code everytime or prefer i bring my PC to reparation place? Hopefully you can reply me.. thankyou

  21. You r the besttt ????????

  22. bro my laptop on agguthu but touchpad not work keybaord not work keyboard usb keybord vanki pattu pathan but not working please solve the problem pls

  23. sir when window is in the c drive so what is the command

  24. not working dont know why its not working on my pc

  25. It's not working you stupid!!!!!!!

  26. Thank you so much ????????????

  27. Thanks! it works! ????

  28. Thanks bro ..command one was a great idea.. workd

  29. very helpful thanks

  30. I got all the way through but had zeros at the end so I didn't proceed. so now what?


  32. My computer startup repair

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