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How To Get EASY High Kill Games In Fortnite! (Fortnite How To Get Better – Season 7)

This video today is going to be a gameplay breakdown centered around how to get high kill games in Fortnite and also how to get better at Fortnite. The gameplay we’re going to be breaking down today is a 25 kill solo squad gameplay, well I guess not technically solo squad since I do have players on my team, but they all die really early in tilted so probably about 95% of the gameplay is solo squads and I think that should count. This is a really good gameplay because it follows the formula…

37 Comments on How To Get EASY High Kill Games In Fortnite! (Fortnite How To Get Better – Season 7)

  1. I got 7 slims in one match

  2. Bro what is your sensitivity

  3. Love how everyone has such high kill games and mine is 6 ????????????

  4. My highest kill game is 22 in solo squads

  5. How come you've been playing with these guys for months and it seems like they haven't improved as much as you have…

  6. Watched the whole thing. Gg

  7. not only did you teach me you also made me saftysified

  8. mine is 7 kills I need 25 kills like u

  9. I had 13 kills duo no fill win

  10. I miss the build killing deagle

  11. Pls improve more it dint work

  12. Ok I’m being honest i think you better than ninja.btw i also friended you on x box can we play together?my user is IM A BOSSSSSS24

  13. My highest kill game is 22 solo squads which was a couple months ago, i wanna pass it , thats why im here

  14. I can’t do this I’ll never be good enough

  15. you get bots cuz u play on xbox but on pc ive never seen a bot

  16. i watched the whole vid

  17. my highest kill is 6 on solos

  18. Guys I'm looking for a duo partner for high kill games only na east of you are interested my discord is TheRealHex#8553

  19. I got 25 and a half get on my level

  20. 14 but high score was 18

  21. He’s hacking not because he got 20 + kills

    Almost every shotgun shot was one shot

  22. I feel like it's click bate and he didn't tell us how to get kills

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