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How to Hack ACNL on 11.10 for FREE! | 2019 | Steelminer

How to enter Homebrew (not CFW) and hack Animal Crossing New Leaf on any firmware (including 11.10), console, and region FOR FREE! ▼ ▼ ▼

【 L I N K S 】

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before starting, you should turn on file extensions in your file viewer if it isn’t on already.
• For Windows users, open File Explorer Options – View. Uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” box, click Apply, then OK.
• Other users can look up a guide online; you’ll find one easily!

Link to…

43 Comments on How to Hack ACNL on 11.10 for FREE! | 2019 | Steelminer

  1. Oct. 2019 just got it to work, thanks!

  2. This worked October 2019! Thanks 🙂

  3. can confirm works for 11.11

  4. uhh… I accidentally renamed the long name folder (1:13) help?

  5. Okay so I can't find the 000d7 blah file. Is that a bad thing?

  6. I’m kinda confused on what to do because I already have an existing homebrew launcher exploit and I don’t know how to follow the tutorial

  7. Works for 11.11.0 thanks ????????????????

  8. Thank you so, so much!

  9. i put my sd card into my computer and i cant even find the sd card folder, help?

  10. How do I know if I have 11.10 or what?

  11. I'm trying to open up sub wars for JK file but the screen just says error and checked my folders many times to match yours. What should I do I'm 11.10 version btw

  12. What if you don't have a physical copy???

  13. does it still work?

  14. is there anyway to upgrade to t&t emporium on this?

  15. Few things I fond out with hacking!
    If you can't download Sub wars, make sure you are linked to your Nintendo Network ID! The game won't show up if you don't have an account or a personal mii created! This also works with Ocorina of Time, but it's much more complicated. Be sure to reformat your 3DS if all else fails. Go to Settings, system format, and delete. I don't recommend this if you have games on your SD card that you purchased through the Eshop. This will remove those games!!! Only do this if you have nothing else to lose and a hard copy of ACNL! This can guarantee a fresh start on your 3DS.

  16. hey uh so i did steps 6-14 of section 2 and all of section 1 after selecting a mii in steelminer,, this is probably why for me it crashes with an error. any fix for this?:(

  17. 1:00 does this website really exists? I can't find it
    help 🙁

  18. this is the first time i am doing something like this. i followed your steps just as u showed and it really worked i had no problems. i was afraid it wouldnt because i updated my nintendo to the newest version. thank you for this guide it was really easy to follow!

  19. ok so when i leave homebrew from the jk save manager, its red. is that normal?

    EDIT: i just press the power off button and i click where it would normally have a bar saying power off. ANDD IT WORKS!! TYSM!

  20. so for the payload file the 10 and 43 option isn't available..

  21. There's nothing in the files you stupid

  22. I hacked a while ago and every 5 days or so, I try to enter my game and the loading train will act normal for a second, then freeze and it will say “An error has occurred, forcing software to close. the system will now restart.” Is there a way to fix that?

  23. i have a physical copy of welcome amiibo wheneve i try to export it says the archive cannot be opened :'p

  24. Hey, so my 3DS is a OLD 2011 3ds. Sub Wars crashes without an error, & your advice is 'change to new.' So I did that. It doesn't work. Changed it back. It doesn't work. Any help?

  25. F to anyone else with a European system in version 11.10.0-43E, there isn't a .bin available yet
    I managed to find a .bin, and get the files all on the SD card, however I don't have a DCIM file on my SD card, and my privacy folder isn't in with the Nintendo 3ds stuff if that makes any difference, entering the sub wars game just opens the game itself

  26. mine didnt save for some reason, can someone help me?

  27. i cant open my files like movable.sed

  28. Hey guys, does this still work? I did this about a year ago and I haven't updated my 3ds since then. I'd like to so I can use the dream suite, but I don't want to be unable to hack (I glitched my main town and am in the process of fixing it currently).
    EDIT: It took a while but I managed to figure things out! Definitely used to be easier. Anyway I downloaded the DSi dumper but it confused me, so I tried using the JKSV and it works like it used to!

  29. I'm on acnl on the homebrew channel and I pressed 'Save Data' but it's saying 'the archive cannot be opened' can someone help please?

  30. My homebrew browser isn’t initiating.

  31. the only thing in my jksv is filter pls help

  32. The steel had save injector site doesn’t do anything when I press start

  33. This guide is amazing! 🙂 Very thorough and easy to follow. 

    Another obstacle to note for those troubleshooting: I named my original save export ACACIAHACK in Homebrew and changed the original folder name when I went to import the edited garden_plus.dat file. Homebrew does not appear to recognize the folder if you rename it, so if you are doing everything else right and your town loads as a new town, try renaming the folder back to the original name you gave it when you named it in Homebrew and importing the original save file again.

  34. uhh can someone direct me to the websites in section 3 steps 1-3 timestamp – 2:17
    im unable to find where CH is
    appreciate it if you could help

  35. I know this is super helpful but, I'm having issues for the beginning. I try to search for steel driver.. it says that nothing matches my search and i dont know what to do 🙁

  36. I have multiple long titled folders in my 3DS folder. Which do I use?

  37. im having a bit of and issue-
    everytime i go into jk's save manager, it doesnt give me what you have.
    it comes up with save data, delete save data, extra data, and delete save data. it tells me at first to select a title, but not in the same way you showed.

    and im sure i did everything right, my 3ds is 11.10, and i went into my JKSV and saves, and nothing was there.
    im having a bit of a problem, because homebrew isnt letting me make a new save data, and thats why i cannot seem to have the save file in my JKSV.
    im a bit confused saying all this myself, but if you know by chance what may be happening, id really appreciate if you could help!! thank you <3 ;v;

  38. I can't select the number 43 , can somebody help me ply?

  39. i don't see it in e shop

  40. I tried it today. It’s working!! (July 2019)

  41. Can anyone verify this for 11.10?

  42. thank you so much, it worked so smooth. bless you

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