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How To Hack Any Others Computers With IP Address (Very Easy TUT).mp4

Here i tell you how to hack others (Friends or …) With IP address..This is veery very Usefull TUT. Just watch it..In this Trick u only need 1 software [1.2 mb] ..u can download it from below link:
Download A software[1.2 MB]:-

13 Comments on How To Hack Any Others Computers With IP Address (Very Easy TUT).mp4

  1. question can you get the cd/dvd disk drive to open and close with the program ?

  2. hack this guy he goes into my router and messes up my router

  3. OMG I don't wanna hack myself you know that don't you?!?!?!?!!

  4. Can you really be this stupid…?

  5. fucking mac wannabe

  6. LishaJoya dip shit every ones ip resets it self every time u reset it as in turn on then off

  7. Norton does that to every other thing dipshit

  8. u left your dman IP open for us to play with

  9. you realize norton security is vey good and this ip scanner carries a virus and it is trying to fix it

  10. If you were a hacker, you wouldn't upload this.

  11. Video is fucking useless crap.. why do you post shit video if it's useless and you know your self it's not hacking and it's bullshit and doesn't help.. im long time already looking for fucking guide on how to fucking hack some 1 by his IP..
    stupid video.. better delete it because its useless shit nothing is good in that

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