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How to hack Chrome incognito browsing history with a script!

How to hack Chrome incognito browsing history

@echo off
Powershell -noexit “ipconfig /displaydns | select-string ‘Record Name’ | foreach-object { $_.ToString().Split(‘ ‘)[-1] } | Sort | Out-Gridview”

25 Comments on How to hack Chrome incognito browsing history with a script!

  1. Excelent! Anyway I can store the printed output and take it to python?

  2. I would also be very appreciative if you shared how to do this with a Mac!! Thank you 🙂

  3. Did anyone notice that he also has a file to the left on this desktop that says history. Bat and that there was a sudden jump cut from when he clicked on the notepad that he showed us. When he lowered the window and you can see his desktop it showed him clicking on the notepad he just showed us and say but immediately jump cuts to show his Mouse pointer to the left.

  4. what is the equivalent of notepad for macbook

  5. for Samsung j7??how it's work??plzzz

  6. Really good job!!

  7. great video though but is not working for me lol!

  8. How do I do this on Android?

  9. can this be done on an hp laptop

  10. Dear,
    pls show for android phones how to check incognito history.
    I appreciate,
    Best Regards.

  11. Yes- how to for Android? Plz.:)

  12. What command on mac should be?

  13. it all worked but i'm looking for certain sites viewed at certain times. is this possible? thanks

  14. works… thank you!!

  15. @echo off
    Powershell -noexit "ipconfig /displaydns | select-string 'Record Name' | foreach-object { $_.ToString().Split(' ')[-1] } | Sort | Out-Gridview"

  16. Is it possible to do this on an android phone?

  17. how do you do on Mac?

  18. Thanks dude. It worked. My thght was that we could not get those history back until I saw this video.

  19. while entering cmd code::ipconfig /displaydns

    it was showing that…….Could not display the DNS Resolver cache.

  20. hai….i followed all these steps…but while opening that bat file again it was agian opening cmd….what to do ?

  21. I copied and pasted, into a notpad, even saved it as the same name to the desktop, it shows up windows 32 and then stops working. any tips?

  22. Thanks it works 🙂

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