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15 Comments on how to hack mystery of shadows on windows with cheat engine 100%

  1. Aonde está o link para baixar

  2. after the last update this can't be used anymore. As soon as the game recognizes cheat engine it quits. So now what do you suggest?

  3. I had REALLY hoped this would be useful.

  4. thank you very much it really was halpful to me and can u telll me how to get more dimons

  5. why are you moving the mouse arrow so much?
    Its kinda irritating

  6. Scusa ma funziona solo per i soldi?? Ciao e grazie!

  7. you should type step by step

  8. Por que funciona para mim com as moedas e não funciona com os rubis? Pode me ajudar?

  9. This isn’t working and when it does show a value and previous there are hundreds. And nothing changes when I do change the value. Can you help me?

  10. when i put first scan and is not giving me any address what should i do ??

  11. For some reason the "1000507" Value returns nothing for me. I am using version 6.7. What am I doing wrong? Has the value changed?

  12. When I do this, I get an error that reads

    Scan error:controller:Cleanup:Results:Prepare:Error while loading result (C:….)

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