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How to Hack NES Games: Editing Graphics

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I’m posting a series of videos to show you how to edit NES games. Part 1: Editing the game’s graphics. Graphic Hacking!

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►Watch Part 2: Importing Graphics –

►Watch Part 3: Editing Colors –

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43 Comments on How to Hack NES Games: Editing Graphics

  1. Can it be make on android?

  2. Where are the graphics? On my editor?
    I can’t see anything but code?

  3. Sprites wont show for me.


  5. It doesn't work. Either the entire thing is code and no sprites or the sprites are blank green cubes.

  6. Good stuff. Do you know how SNES games differ?

  7. All of my rom is just coding I can’t find the graphics

  8. Necticle has built in graphic editor and you can edit graphic live, but its slow and its programed to windows 95 so alt+tab will glitch program

  9. This is interesting and it does look time consuming. Does anyone know where I can find someone to commission a room hack to? I write short stories and sci-fi novels and I'd love to use this as a way to share a story.

  10. I made a lot of Yoshi's Cookie rom hacks with this!

  11. want to turn nes little mermaid into ecco the dolphin game. having hard time editing graphics. it is a mess of graphics. i think Ariel has more tiles than mario

    should make super boobie bros. has it been done?

  12. Can I rip these modified roms to a nes cartridge and play them on my nes

  13. Can you do this with GBC games? Of corse with a diffrent emu. Can you use the Tile Manager with GBC

  14. But John, where did you get the SMB rom? Aka Super Mario Bros?

  15. Hey John,

    Can you show us how to edit sprites for Castlevania? When you open it in Tile Layer Pro, such as you did with Mario, the sprites appear to be much more disorganized and harder to make sense of. I'm trying to edit Simon and Dracula, but finding them and then putting them together doesn't appear as easy to do as Mario is. Thanks.

  16. i cant scroll down AAAAA nvm i was using the wrong thing

  17. On Mega Man 2, all the data is weird. I only managed to change the text sprites. Any help here?

  18. Nice hack program is it one on the SNES or gba?

  19. That's cool. I always wanted to be in Super Mario Bros and thanks to this, I can finally add myself. What emulator did you use?

  20. That Mario is TERRIFYING! Thank you!

  21. Can we edit the Audio?

  22. Someone earned a sub.

  23. Thank you so much
    Please how to edit the map ?

  24. I'd like to be able to dump all the NES graphics. Any ideas?

  25. Were do i find ROM pls help

  26. How do you do snes games?

  27. plz just 17 more comments

  28. Just asking, but where do I get the actual games from? I assumed they came with FCEUX, but they don't so where do I get the games, to get the graphics?

  29. thank you now i gonna make vinny bros

  30. I don't know if it's my computer, but when I load Super Mario Bros. It won't show any graphics. I went to near the bottom like you did, but looked like it was still coding. Do I have a weird version. Super Mario Bros (E)_1787123740.exe

  31. i laugh at my amazing hack! even my mum laughed!

  32. thank you so much for your share !

  33. How to you down load the rom

  34. I want to add a few menu options to the list at the inn in Ultima Exodus, and another menu option at the doctor's office, is that possible too?

  35. oohh dude thank you very much; now i am very excited to modify a nes rom
    i always wanted to do this

  36. Do you know if the software for doing this is compatible with the ChromeOS or Linux

  37. am making communist mario

  38. Will this work with gameboy games

  39. is there a way to add in more sprite space? i want to edit small mario's sprite but his bottom half is mirrored, which doesnt let me do the sprite i wanted

  40. hey when i try to play the rom it doesnt work

  41. You don’t kneed an emulator if you gat a nes mini

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