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How to hack Wi-Fi passwords with Command Prompt ?

This video gives a tutorial about hacking Wi-Fi passwords with Command Prompt. And people who are really seeking for learning Hacking must subscribe because this channel never gives FAKE INFORMATION.

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20 Comments on How to hack Wi-Fi passwords with Command Prompt ?

  1. This is a kinda password reminder. It's not hacking if you have already cached a password :)

  2. in 'show profiles' it is only showing my wifi not other wifi in range.. am i doind anything wrong

  3. its just show the old wifi password that you already had

  4. Stupid kid from india … this is bs..

  5. In your video you only hacked into your OWN wifi that you were already connect to. Why didnt you connect to the other wifi as well? -.- looks like you were just hacking into your own wifi which you already knew the password lol zzzz

  6. WTF is this…. this is not i mean i just want know hot to get password someones on my router fuking not like this

  7. It just shows the password of wi fi u already been connected to. U can do the same thing without using cmd.

  8. yes!!!! it really works… thanks

  9. You bloody FoooooL

  10. hey bro i hv nothing lyk security content it is only till security key help me plz

  11. yoooooo smarty i bet ur age is not more than 16 :DDDDD

  12. Its only show my profile, its not working

  13. I've tried that but I get everything but key content line

  14. are u playing only ?? this u get the saved wifi password only it will not show the other wifi not connected before

  15. Hi, do you know how to using on mac?

  16. it only gives the wifi signals which i have already used, which i already knew the passwords.

  17. Hi what are the commands for using mac

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