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How to Hack Wifi Password via. Command Prompt

Today, we will not actually be hacking Wifi networks, well will be using windows cmd to retrieve wifi passwords of networks that you have once been connected to on your computer.

These are the commands i used:



netsh wlan show profiles

netsh wlan show profiles [Network] key=clear

Incoming search terms:

8 Comments on How to Hack Wifi Password via. Command Prompt

  1. this trtick i already know…

  2. it's show only save password…which i saved….can you show other wifi password…computer or laptop have not save password,,,these password can you hack….if yes please tell me…

  3. wow 11k views gj chris

  4. Well, that my friend is just another way of keychain on mac.

  5. It is a very good video for command prompt -m . if you want to more easy nice about command prompt -m visit this link

  6. Like if you're watching in 1915!

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    Let me take a selfie!

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