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How to Hack Wireless Remotes with Radio Replay Attacks – Hak5 1909

Today we’re hacking wireless remotes using RF replay attacks using the YARD Stick One!

Full show notes at — Wireless Gear including the YARD Stick One at

In this episode we cover:

– How to gather intel on the device you want to hack
– How to sniff its wireless signals
– Determining modulation
– Decode OOK signals
– Transmitting a Replay Attack with RfCat and the YARD Stick One

Step 1: Gathering Intel

First up we need to identify the device we’re…

18 Comments on How to Hack Wireless Remotes with Radio Replay Attacks – Hak5 1909

  1. Can the Yard Stick one be used with gqrx or do you need an rtl-sdr for it?

  2. The Final Fantasy Tactics reference was a nice surprise. :-)

  3. I always love the RF stuff you guys do. The RTL-SDR is usually off frequency, and you have to calibrate it, that may have been the reason why it wasn't exactly 315.0 when you tried to pick it up.

  4. The FCC database is a very handy thing. However I would like to see how to figure out the frequency and modulation type without using the FCC database. Basically hacking a device you don't own and don't have physical access to.

  5. When will the wifi pineapple be available in stores ? been waiting for ever…

  6. I just unlocked and locked my car using this… That is scarey… Now people dont need your keys to steal your car 🙁 just "a" key for your model and emulate the signal.

  7. this is what I think Hak5 is all about, and can lead to your own security bis. Love it, hope you end up with more shows like this.

  8. Hi HAK5 team, just wanted to let you guys know that Google fiber might not be the best thing since sliced bread. They just dug up my neighborhood this week to lay down conduit. This 5 months after ATT did the same. As much as I dislike ATT for being a NSA extension, the subcontractors they use are TONS BETTER that the lowest bidder Google seems to be going with. Bunch of obviously poor Mexicans digging the trenches, bad job covering the work up. Would have left me with messed up irrigation had I not insisted they fix it right away. Just a bad feeling about Google quality at this point.

  9. Nice I love this thanks :D

  10. how did you know what the right frequency was? the software you are using shows a different frecuency

  11. wow – you seem to have big problems with the deinterlacing of your video footage

  12. My parents TV has a radio remote… Next project found.

  13. I like how black and generic your laptops look, what kind are those?

  14. can you use it on windows ? and what are the codes ?

  15. Cooooooooool time to miss with some people

  16. @ Jake I saw that too but thought my phone might have a clitch.

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