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How to Hack Xbox One Kinect to Work on Windows 10 PC

In this video I’ll be showing you how to hack your Kinect V2 to work on a Windows 10 PC without needing to buy the $50 adapter from Microsoft. Lets hope the next video in this series we can get some good action from it while using it in VR!

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Having trouble with the mod or want to know more about what the kinect can do on Windows 10? Check my newest video about…

46 Comments on How to Hack Xbox One Kinect to Work on Windows 10 PC

  1. If you're having issues with this mod or looking for more things to do with it on Windows 10, check out this updated video:

  2. What kind of solder are you using? I can't seem to get mine to actually stick to the pins on the Kinect. Thanks

  3. How did they manage the screw up Windows 7 support?

  4. Is not easier to modify the cable?

  5. The biggest problem is that you need to disassemble it

    And then soldering directly to the board, ouch

  6. good morning friends
    can you please tell me which is the best configuration to buy a laptop to work with kinect v2?
    Thank you !

  7. Can you connect straight to t.v? Or do you have to use computer?

  8. la quiero para grabar fantasmas

  9. How Much Force Is It requeired to disconnect that Rubber thingy

  10. Hey can you try to check out this kind of headset I have it for a while and I really didn't get to try it but I want to see somebody else try it and I want to see if you can you use Nolo for itvr tek

  11. Does this work for the 360 kinect aswell??? PLEASE ANSWER 🙁

  12. My dad says the wires would touch because the 10 is so close to the others is my dad wrong or right?

  13. The pc adapter is only $22 on amazon so I’ll just do that because the 2amp power adapter is about $10 anyway

  14. do you also need to remove the power from the port so you don't fry any 5V plugs with 12V or doesn't it matter

  15. … This is stupid… Why didnt you just cut and splice the cable into USB/12v?

  16. It worked perfectly thanks to you I didn't have to wait 15 days for the adapter to get to my country

  17. Holy fuck, the amount of inexperienced people connecting their kinect to ac power or soldering shit wrong so that they blow up their computers is off the wall.

  18. Ummm I think I’m just gonna get leg trackers and the vive

  19. Nice Video!
    Is this also working with the old kinect and a Adapter?

  20. Daley Tech Please help, I followed all steps and connected my 12v 1600mah power supply to the kinect pin 10 and ground and I plug the kinect in my computer usb 3.0 port and a message pops up saying that the device is malfunctioned and makes the windows disconnect and connect usb sound every second. I installed all drivers for the kinect I dont know what's wrong.
    Please Help

  21. I got the adapter off Ebay…Hehe, that worked fine! Lol good luck guys

  22. I made this mod and at first it would not power up. I pulled it apart to see where the power had gone and found that the internal fuse was blown under the main board. The fuse is a Set X1 and looks like this (see here The fuse is connected in the middle of the board seen in this photo (see here – it is in the middle of the green board that has the USB connector, connected to the white plug in the middle of this board). I think I may have blown this fuse by mistakenly using a USB2 cable instead of a USB3 cable. My fix was to short out this fuse, but it is not my recommendation to others.

  23. What polarity is pin 10 positive or negative?

  24. This worked for me, installed the Kinect V2 SDK and then updated the driver as per this post ( and now I have a hackerman 3D scanner, thanks for the tutorial and for saving me from getting scalped $300 on eBay for the adapter!

  25. So I just followed this and it when I connected it to my pc it shut down instantly. I'm worried I might have mis soldered something and fried my system

  26. Can this work with macOS?

  27. Daley Tech, what would say works better for body tracking: 4x ps eyes or Kinect V2?

  28. Does this work for the original xbox 360 Kinect?

  29. I have a Problem
    a have a 12v 8 a power supply and all works but when i connect my kinect with my pc on usb 3.0 the usb will do anything but don´t work with the kinect.
    I think that the 12v from the power supply comes back via usb cable to the pc and the controller turn the port off and on permantly because it measured that there are more than 5v
    what can i do that this doesn´t come?
    i need to make the 12v form the pc do not come to the pc

    by the way i have the intel usb controller and it doesn´t matter where i plug it in

  30. Will this work with a 360 Kinect?

  31. Are you able to use the ir mode? I'm thing of using this as an indore security camera.

  32. do u have one for Xbox 360

  33. Every time I plug it in to the computer it says device not recognized multiple times. When I go to devices it will appear and disappear multiple times like it’s being plugged in and out. Anyone else had this problem?

  34. Did this mod late last year, connected it to my Win7 PC to verify it worked and haven't used it since. yesterday i plugged it into the PC but the PC didn't recognise it. it is plugged into a USB3 socket and I confirmed it has a 12V supply. can anyone offer any help?

  35. I tried this and for some reason it connects then disconnects on my pc, on and off so I have to unplug it. My suspicion is its not the right AC adaptor. Any thoughts?

  36. I can't remove the security screws because they have like a nipple in the middle that prevents the screwdriver from sliding in..

  37. oh shit my ac adaptors wires dont have color coating.. its just copper… what do i do??

  38. Thanks it works 😉

  39. Hi,
    Does anyone know what the thin white/black signal wire is for?
    If this mod is simple as wiring a negative and positive wires up inside the sensor… then surely using the original Kinect cable and splicing in will be easier?
    All wires correspond to a standard USB 3 cable… all but the kinect thin signal wire…
    Can this be done and just leave this signal wire disconnected? Surely this should work.

  40. GOOOD VIDEO! Direct to the information and not to much bla bla bla. GOOD GOOD GOOD! thanks a lot. Greetings

  41. hi man.

    i was buying a Kinect ADAPTER for aliexpress 50$.

    but not work because i think i have kinect 2 for Xbox not kinect 2 for PC.

    is there a way to work this kinect on my PC ?

    thank you

    my kinect 2 have the xbox logo :/

  42. Help, I picked up a Xbox 360 at Goodwill but it doesn’t have a fan in the center of the back, and no special usb 3 plug with extra conn on top, but it does have a fixed cable with what looks like a usb 3 plug at the end.

    Can I use it to scan with, if so how?


  43. Is this possible with a Xbox 360 Kinect?

  44. Hello , just have question its save to keep always on power , if pc turn off and power for kinect still on? Nothing's hapen? Thank you

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