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How to Install Apache Server on Windows

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In this video on how to install Apache server on Window, since we’re not using windows installer (MSI) for this latest Apache version 2.4.16, we need to MANUALLY install Apache as a service on Windows. Here is how to do it:

Open your Apache bin folder, hold shift and right…

43 Comments on How to Install Apache Server on Windows

  1. For those of you that is not working, you need to log onto your cmd as Administrator
    By doing that, type cmd on the search bar
    right click on the cmd
    and set it as Administrator

  2. For people who want to know more, I recommend the Build Podcast episode 036, admittedly a bit outdated but still good.

  3. Hi, people… If you still have an error while starting apache. I'm backing up the line in the "httpd.conf" file to this "c:/Apache24/htdocs". Then run in cmd as an administrator. "httpd -k start". In a web browser, type "localhost" and write that it is working.

  4. When i start Apache2.4 then i get the Error "The requested operation has failed!". Help pls

  5. Thank u…..
    It's really helpful….

  6. Thanks but next time don't explain that we should use winrar for like 30 seconds. We got it. I'm sure if we're setting up a web server we know how to extract zips

  7. When I Click on "Start" it says the operation has failed!!

  8. I did everything here but there still is no service installed. I am on window 7 professional desktop. I have read the comments and even in cmd it says no directory. I am using a netgear powerline, which basically plugs into the wall socket and plug into the modem to my internet then the other one plugged into a socket in my room and it is ran ethernet. I don't have direct plug in to the modem….does this matter at all

  9. This worked great, other than you forgot the httpd -k install in cmd as admin. Thank you.

  10. And also navigate to "services"->"apache"->setup type: automatically.
    If u get the error "The requested operation has failed" go there and try to start it there first. That went fine for me. 🙂

    Also u can try to check if your port used for apache is already reserved for IIs or Skype. Go for cmd as admin and type: "netstat -nao" then " tasklist /fi "pid eq PID HERE!!" " to check which task is using the port. 😉

  11. apache monitor is started but in xampp its showing error, solution please….

  12. sir while running i get index of/ instead of It works! is it right one
    had i connected apache? plz answer for this question sir

  13. To everyone who get error "The requested operation has failed", stop program that uses port 80 and you will be fine 😀

  14. When i type localhost/ in browser i get this message " Index of /"…………plzz help me

  15. Apachi is not installed because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file is missing how to install this file……

  16. Whats all this with local host. I need to get this going for real projects, online, using the internet.. Anyone got any tips on a tutorial that shows how to make it work, not only on local?

  17. i've follow the steps as you did but i can't have any service appearing in the window of the apache service monitor! Help plzz !!

  18. hello sir i followed all your instructions but still my server is not working..please suggest me something..

  19. You've forgotten 2 vital pieces of information.  1: Restart your PC as Skype etc can be using port 80, the info on this can be found @ And 2: c:apache24binhttpd.exe -k install              This needs to be used if you are installing it fresh, and finally…. You didn't tell us how to add environment variables….. But other than that it is a great tutorial!

  20. Thanks a lot…!!!

  21. I am not getting any thing in appache monitor

  22. Two things. First you cannot rename the directory to c:localhost. It will fail to start Apache. What you can do is rename the htdocs directory to www (or leave it as it doesn't matter) and point your browser to localhost. You should see this IT WORKS message.

    Next he didn't mention this but it is good security practice. Remove the Indexes option to prevent people from accessing your entire directory. I used Notepad ++ and it was located at line 259. Yours will say Options Indexes FollowSymLinks, so just place your cursor where Indexes is, delete and save.

    Whether your Web server is for testing, or actual production it is ALWAYS good practice never to use the default settings.

  23. Do I have to use firefox?

  24. Just wonder, when can I install MySQL? before Apache install, or after Apache install? – Thanks!

  25. hey, I added and index.html file to my localhost folder and when I type localhost/ in my browser i get a 404 error. My service is running, I changed the listen to 8080. any suggestions?

  26. Very clear, and many details are also showed in this video. Thank you so much.

  27. I think that if you dont know wether your vesion of windows is 32bit or 64bit then you probably shoudn't try messing around with webservers

  28. @Clever Techie links are not working properly.

  29. Not working
    Apache server not working

  30. after doubling clicking apache service monitor it shows starting, but in my case the request is failing every time….pls reply

  31. thanks allot i have got where i can download the apache

  32. you' r cool dude… i like ur style

  33. Can you please also show us, how to configure openssl to work with apache, please.
    Great Video.

  34. its not working
    the apache server is not starting

  35. how the astronaut can drink through his Helmet :p

  36. If "c:localhost" does not exist, then modifying DocumentRoot and Directory in the httpd.config file as advised in the video will result in empty service status box. To solve, just create "localhost" folder in c: or just don't modify httpd.config file

  37. thanks you so much !


    Phil Tayloril say–
    If you're doing this from scratch you need to install the apache service. To do this go to programs , type CMD right click cmd and run as administrator, navigate to c:apache24bin and type
    httpd.exe -k install
    If you don't this you are not going anywhere with this tutorial.

  39. hello
    I have mine setup and running well.
    challenge is I'll like to make it accessible to other computers on my LAN. can you point me in the right direction pls

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