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How to Install FORTNITE after you Download FORTNITE on PC – Free & Easy – Newest Version 2019

In this how to FORTNITE video see how to download FORTNITE and perform a FORTNITE install with the FORTNITE free version Battle Royale on Windows PC and Mac computers. FORTNITE Season 9 is new and available now. Step by step download FORTNITE and how to install FORTNITE on your PC Season 8 2019. See how to sign into Fortnite and play Fortnite for free. The latest version of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 2019. It’s a free to play game from Epic Games. You will learn how to download…

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40 Comments on How to Install FORTNITE after you Download FORTNITE on PC – Free & Easy – Newest Version 2019

  1. 4:19 i have a problem with that screen it doesn’t do anything

  2. how many gigs should it be ??? mine says 32

  3. Got my pc on Christmas and wanted fortnite this worked thank you so much best Christmas with fortnite

  4. I search the size of fortnite it's said like 20gb but in the launcher the file size keeps on increasing pls help

  5. It works to thank you so much merry chrismass

  6. Thanks this helps a lot

  7. It works, I’m so happy 🙂

  8. i can tell from how much he's talking, he is the type of guy to read the whole terms of use and shit

  9. Congratulations to the one who read the whole license agreements… you just wasted a lot of time????????

  10. It works! No joke! Thanks! i got a new pc for Chirstmas so i wanted fortnite thanks!

  11. I am installing fortnite but first its size is 32gb then after closing epic launcher it becomes 59gb. What's the actual size?

  12. The installing can take more than 12 hours because I've been still waiting for mine to download for 2 hours and then I went to bed for 10 hours and it's still on 10% ???? ????

  13. My windows 10 says it needs a dx11 level 10…what is that?

  14. I am getting a pc for Christmas and this really helps. Thank You so much

  15. who has 33 gb to download?

  16. My windows have a fast reaction and more but thanks nice vid C:

  17. This video was 2 dAys after my bday

  18. Me i dont know my Email

  19. Yee ty man Im doing it know on 12/19/2019

  20. mine keeps saying that there is another one of it open and there's clearly not-..

  21. How come I have to install Fortnite every single time that I open up the Epic Games Launcher?

  22. I have that but when i click instal it says retry or ignore or cancle and it dont do any thing and then it says i have it all ready downloaded but it wont let me click it

  23. i fill bad i cant download fortnite on my laptop and my phone

  24. God bless you ????

  25. im doing it on real life now (December 15,2019)
    Bye the way my internet connection is so low i hate this!

  26. everytime i run it says DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine some plz help

  27. wt-f 17.8 gb lol my is 80 gb 😀

  28. It works sub to this guy he is so good and nice ????❤

  29. Hey what is the size of Game?

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  32. It says that fortnite is 80 GB is it true?

  33. When it gets to 3:28 it says I already have epic games launcher open but I don’t how fix

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