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how to install kali linux 2017.1 on windows 10

In this tutorial, I have shown you how to install Kali Linux on Windows10.


Kali Linux:
Winrar (setup):
Winrar (crack):…

48 Comments on how to install kali linux 2017.1 on windows 10

  1. If anyone is facing problem in manual installation, they can select the "Guided" installation. The video for guided installation:

  2. Damn it I lost my windows10 OS because of u

  3. can i use win 10 and kale linux at the same time?

  4. You are the best ty so much

  5. i i install that iso file and my 32 gb pendrive showing 2.59gb

  6. When installing kali lunx it showing no kernel modules were found

  7. Thanks bro everything worked but i have 1TB of disk so now i have 740GB of my disk free haha what should i use them for xd

  8. Oye meri pendrive write protected to nhi ho jayegi

  9. They say security boot fail

  10. I can't go to the windows after installing kali nw

  11. When i downloaded kali linux it wasnt a winrar folder. help?

  12. what is the meaning of cd-rom not mounted?

  13. bro can u tell me how to change unallocated space into free space. I separate the partition 40gb for install kali linux but it"s showing "unallocated space". What to do bro .

  14. Does it change your operating system or delete your data?

  15. does work for uefi??

  16. When I select graphical

  17. It says failed to load components

  18. Thanku so much……. ❤️????????

  19. Using Rufus is way better than win32 diskimager

  20. Hey guys so I wrote the image file into the thumb drive, once I was done it said I had to format it to use it but I didn’t do it, also I restarted the computer and it did not boot into Kali. Any ideas?

  21. Scan for Win32DiskImager

    Windows 7 32 bit 6/40
    Windows 7 32 bit (HWP Support) 0/10
    Windows 7 64 bit 0/5
    Linux (Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit) 0/15
    Android Static Analysis 0/15


  22. Do you need a usb drive?

  23. how to download kalinux in laptop
    i have download but it is not working but why i dont know

  24. I can't create the free space

  25. Muchas gracias, fue de gran apoyo tu ayuda. Un tutorial muy bien explicado. Saludos

  26. Tui người Việt rất cám ơn bạn đã giúp tôi

  27. but does my windows 10 get removed???????

  28. can you lose stuff from doing thiss

  29. It worked for me????. Thanks

  30. is the usb suppose to split into two parts when finishing the write

  31. i get an error after installation like "pointer to flat panel table invalid" and the system freezes after that.. pls help me

  32. do i have to have a bootable drive?

  33. I dont know where I should install kali Linux, should I put it on my SSD with Windows or on a HHD with free space?

  34. Its just starting w10, and i did everything like in a video and i have no option to choose between w10 and linux.Its just starting w10

  35. Don't boot Kali Linux iso on pendrive else you will get failure. Boot it in DVD it is the easy way to install Kali Linux!

  36. is a 4gb usb gonna work?

  37. Subscribed because this guide worked ????

  38. can we shift back to windowss after installing this ?

  39. Well i have benn trying to make free space but it keeps naming the free space as unlocated would it be a problem pls quickly

  40. Does it reeeeally have to be 8GB for USB? 'cause I only have 8GB USB right now.. (Knowing how the space in computer work, it would take some space and the space would left like 7.86GB)

  41. it is okay to instal kali linux on laptop with 500gb memory?
    im facing this problem……

  42. before watching this Do I need to buy it or is it free…

  43. plz help I'm stuck
    I completed the installation successfully! it rebooted and now it shows system logo and says atomatic repair and then attempting repair then says atomatic repair couldn't repair ur PC and shows 2 options of shut down and advanced….now I am not able to boot both Linux or windows

  44. Hey I found a error "bin/sh: can't access try; job control turned off"
    What should I do..?

  45. there is no audio on video

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