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How to Install PhoneGap or Cordova – Beginner Step By Step Tutorial

PhoneGap or Cordova (both are almost identitical except some differences, hence

the tutorial covers both of them, almost) is the last resort for web developers

who want to develop some mobile apps. This framework enables web developers to

develop Android or iOS apps only with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Please browse

the official websites for more info.

PhoneGap installation is a bit complicated for those who are not familiar with

command line interfaces and GIT or Repo based…

17 Comments on How to Install PhoneGap or Cordova – Beginner Step By Step Tutorial

  1. Hi, is phonegap free?

  2. Help! please– I installed phonegap through command but during create my-app command it says YOU HAVE OPTED OUT OF TELEMETRY and cannot create cordova project.And neither it executes commands related to telemetry nor works with their desktop app.

  3. i have 1 index.html with many pages inside.
    pages inside my index.html
    <div data-role="page" id="ui-page1">
    <div data-role="page" id="ui-page2">
    <div data-role="page" id="ui-page3">
    i tryed naming each css page by the page name (example ui-page1)
    found in my index.hml. my problem the css does not load nothing is
    happening to button there suppose to small textbox also suppose to be
    small there should color etc. how am i suppose to load my multipage
    different css codes for each page has its own style code.
    i can not get this to work i am stuck please help.
    i have installed all 3 jquery mobiles codes from their site into my webstorm app

  4. plzz help after creating a folder and running the create app command the app folder didnt have have any cordova file. so i am not able to add platform to that app. please revert as soon as possible

  5. instead of using eclipse luna, am using eclipse mars…………….error.need tutorial for that

  6. didnt work for me either when i run the npm i get a bunch of errors

  7. I successfully installed node. js but phonegap refused to install through command line

  8. I've installed phonegap but when I try to create a new project I do not get the same folders as show in the video. I only get config.xml and empty 'hooks', 'platforms' and 'plugins' folders and 'www' with only readme files inside. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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  10. getting error phonegap is not recognized as an internal or external command, Operable program or batch file in commandline please help my email

  11. awsome tutorial.. easy steps.Thank you…

  12. So Rryb Tih avedi  fficu ltIestou ndE rstAn dingth espe akerO rma Ybet he reso meth in gwro ngwi tthev idOe nco ding.

  13. Great video. please continue this video where it is finished

  14. awesome,but i got error and need cordovalib in eclipse. i'm so confused

  15. Awesome tutorial ! I hope you give us project base tutorial

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