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How to Install Plugins, and Extensions in Sketchup (software)

In this session learn how to install plugins and extensions in sketchup. As an added bonus, learn a few places you can find them and the difference between tools, plugins,and extensions.

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49 Comments on How to Install Plugins, and Extensions in Sketchup (software)

  1. I tried this on my sketchup 2018 crack but it seems not to have some fixtures. Thus, Extention installer and Plugin Installer. How can I get them on my 2018 crack?

  2. I have no extensions in my prefrences why i cant figure out how dam its making me mad

  3. how can i show up the Extention option in Windows>Preferences. Because no Extension shows in Preference .Need answer Thank you

  4. i have sketch up pro 2018 version

  5. hello sir, how are you sir? please send me your mail id i have lot of problems in sketch up .


  7. how to acquire sketch up pro?

  8. your lesson is about pluggins right, how do you let the pluggins menu appear on your sketchup. as for where and how to download the files you should mention how and where to save on the computer so we can find where it is because all the new computers have a os drive that is saved automatically and it hides the files.

  9. This is not helpful if you have a Mac. And it seems to be dated – for instance, Preferences no longer has an Extensions section. Perhaps this has all been moved over to the Extensions Manager. I have a Mac, however, and I still do not know how to get any of my plugins from Sketchucation to connect to Sketchup (2018). Perhaps it is simple once you know how to do it, but it is really a pain until that point. And I am not clear why such a comprehensive and longstanding program makes something so critical so difficult.

  10. Sir your video is very nice…..I luv it…
    I want a video for false ceiling with LED LIGHTING…
    Please make a VIDEO for me sir in SKETCHUP with LUMION

  11. Helped a lot. Using SU 2016. Would you know a good tool or building a gambrel roof?. I tried housebuilder but it didn't have this design

  12. can i drop a .rbz file in there to

  13. found this video right wen i needed help! thank you so much for sharing!!

  14. babi natang ape pening bodoooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Very helpful thank you

  16. Very straight forward, thank you!

  17. i have complete extensions and plug-ins from the windows laptop. can i transfer them to mac?

  18. thank your working

  19. thank your working

  20. I've been to my preferences and Im finding my "extension" I dont have it, after I transfered it to tools. Please help.

  21. I have problem. I copy the plugin on the folder but the plugin don't appear on Sketchup in extension too is don't appear. Help me please

  22. Dude thank u so much I really didn't know this plus help me blue whale is forcing me too suacide

  23. Thank You, this is great very help full , thanks for no weird Music!

  24. Thanks for this information.

  25. Very nice video..bahut hee achi aur usefull video banayi hai..thanks from I Designer & Technical Studio..thanks

  26. sir…
    is that possible to add plugins of google sketchup 8 to sketchup pro 2016 like 1001 bit tools؟؟

  27. Hello and thank you body so much :-),appreciate your very helpful tutorials.
    I like it

    thank you !

  28. can you please post me the link to download the ruby library diput

  29. sir i dont have the extention button on the preference

  30. thanks for this video this is very helpful less time working in details

  31. how to install not a cracked version of skp?

  32. sir how to add extension if sketchup is crack verision

  33. can you please post me the link to download the plug in file 🙂

  34. Great simple and straightforward! Thank you

  35. If i want to install only one plugin, how to install it.
    can you show me?

  36. hi i have sketchup 8 and when i install plugins i dont get plugins writing on top bar can you help please thanks

  37. GREAT VIDEO! I appreciate you so so much, Thank YOU!

  38. hey bro i like how u start from the VERY begging and didnt have it signed in! good work bro!

  39. You are THE BEST! Thanks a lot!!!!

  40. how to get free plug-in for instant fence and railing..

  41. It helped a lot, thanks for your time!

  42. very nice, many thanks..

  43. They've already changed the format. The price is no longer included. One has to click to find out if it is free or not. Smart on their part.

  44. thks for the information, however when i tryed the same my sketchup didnt showed install extension botton in the said dialog boxis their any other way to install a extension

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