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How to Install Windows 10 From USB Flash Driver! (Complete Tutorial)

This Video Shows You A Complete Step By Step Tutorial On, How to Format Your PC And Clean Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive (Pendrive).

This video will walk you through almost all the steps in a Windows Installation. Such as formatting, Disk partition, Create Windows 10 Installation Media using USB Flash Drive, and as a whole Windows Installation process itself, in a packed and detailed way. Thank you.

Main Steps or Phases Showed In This Video are The Given Below :

# 1, Download…

50 Comments on How to Install Windows 10 From USB Flash Driver! (Complete Tutorial)

  1. beautiful tutorial and good explanation. i installed windows and ejoyed video Thank you

  2. can u use your flash after u burn it?

  3. Super,very very helpfull video ,i like this so much

  4. what if i want to install ssd, do i need to make a partition on hhd

  5. Can i use a 7gb usb?

  6. Great vid bro. Reformat and reinstalled windows in like 30 mins just watching this. Would also like to add for anyone watching this that this is the best way to reformat your PC and migrating windows to an SSD. Simply resetting will reinstall windows into the original HDD C drive. Using USB will let you choose. Thanks again bro!

  7. Thank you! I successfully installed Win10 into my PC, it is thriving hard in Win7. Sub!

  8. Can you please let me know, which tool did you use to create this video?

  9. Hey bro, I need your help. My Windows wasn't booting so I tried to recover it using recovery drive but it failed and now it shows "an operating system wasn't found." So I tried to reinstall Windows but on the partition selection screen, it shows only two drives, the system drive (100 MB) and a primary partition (500 GB). But initially my 500 GB HDD was split into c (windows), d, e and f partitions. So what happened to those partitions? Is my data lost? Please reply.

  10. Is your USB not meant to be accessible after you burn your USB?

  11. Can you do this with a 16GB USB?

  12. i own a Mac mini, but i want to use an older pc laptop i got from my sister(she has not used for at least 5 years or so), now she does not know the password, so how do i log into the pc without a password? password recovery disc? is probably long gone!! plus it uses vista, i want to use Windows 10, thanks great videos by the way, any help would be appreciated.

  13. Hello, is it okay to not change anything on the partition part? its my first time doing this so i want to play safe.

  14. I insert it but it just show N_
    How do i fix it?

  15. Hi, I skipped over the disc partition part since I only had the primary partition to install to. Should I have deleted the other partition to create space? I notice my computer is still sluggish even after a reboot. Could it be because a lot of my storage space is already allocated to partitions?

  16. Thank you so much, man! I can’t believe I found a tutorial like this on ytb! You saved my life! Thank you!

  17. Will it download windows 10 home edition or pro edition?

  18. one of the best tutorial and simple instructions to install windows 10. thanks.

  19. Reinstalling on my crashed windows 10. I have 5 partitions, Windows is Partition 4. I would like to keep anything from the old so I said to install on Partition 4. However it said that the partition was out of the order recommended. I cannot find anything on line about the recommended order. Please help me!! Thank you

  20. Thanks Man First U Help Me When My Computer Got A Virus Next You Help In The Set Up Thanks MAn Your The Only Indian THat Im Trusting xP

  21. why do you talk like that ?

  22. After the installation of windows 10 why you not remove pendrive??
    When I removed pendrive that's the problem of starting windows…

  23. I have bootcamp would i be able to get windows then click custom and then plug my external ssd in and format and use it as main drive?

  24. I can't make my windows becouse he say : There is a problem with anything and i can't make the windows can u help my ? Or sameone else?

  25. Bruh the partitions are the most confusing step dont @ me

  26. Noob Questions ? How you Manage Used a 8.00 GB Ram to 7.89 Usable Ram ? because of me its 4.00 GB Ram to 2.19 GB Usable Ram ? Thank for Reply ?!

  27. where have you used the iso file

  28. I got windows 10 . Love your videos ????????

  29. Thanks , I really like ths step by step good explanation, I am working on laptop now

  30. Super bro ???? excellent work excellent work

  31. Should I remove my USB after it copies files and about to restart?

    Edit: Remove USB when the restart countdown begins after copying the files. Otherwise it will loop. Learned by installing 3 times :/

  32. I have the bootable usb with Windows, still stuck in a loop after I chose boot from usb, any help?

  33. Will it works in pirated pc??

  34. It's show me need gpt portion to format… Why? What to do

  35. will loose all my data even though i dont want to do partition of disk?

  36. You installed win 10 which edition

  37. Hi, i got a question! After choosing the option 'create installation media for another PC' and completing the 'Select language, architecture, and edition' part, it instantly searches for available space on my SSD (which i dont have at the moment). Meaning: i dont get the screen with the options 'Choose which media to use'. It skips that part.
    Hope you got any solutions for this problem 🙂

  38. help me put back windows 10 please accidentally erase the system and boot into linux mint I dont know how to use this please help anyone

  39. hey plz help me plz can you keep the files plz help bro is formating compasary

  40. Bro. Wht about driver install.. ?

  41. Very Good Tutorial @Geeks Tutorial.

  42. After 16 minutes, you took off the drive??

  43. i dont have a bios password :c i cant enter the bios cuz of that

  44. Somehow NFTS not working it's gives me error msg I tried fat32 it did copy windows files but i'm not sure if it will effect installation process, I will try it now.

  45. Thank you a lot for this tutorial. I was always scared about installing windows, but this helped me to finish my first installation successfully. Very well explained. ????????????

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