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How To Install Windows 7 on Windows 8 Laptop or Desktop Tutorial

This is how to install Windows 7 on a Laptop or Desktop that came preloaded with Windows 8. Seems like Microsoft added some different security features but this is how to bypass them.

20 Comments on How To Install Windows 7 on Windows 8 Laptop or Desktop Tutorial

  1. is it the same if you have 8.1 and want it to xp

  2. So I go into my BIOS but I can't find the UEFI tab to change to CSM, it doesnt exist anywhere in my BIOS….

  3. Can I use hacked or pirated copies of windows on sager np8672 laptop

  4. Hero. Havent done this in forever. Thanks for the help. 

  5. would i lose my windows 8 and my files or it will keep them bouth 8&7 ?

  6. Okay I did that I installed it I'm like yes windows 7 but then I noticed my desktop internet wasn't working I had a Ethernet plugged in and it worked before I downgraded my system anyone got answers 

  7. okay i have liscened win 8.1 and my laptop is under warranty…i need to know whether installing pirated win 7 alongside win 8.1 will void my lappy's waranty or not??also,can i uninstall win 7 later without affecting anything ?

  8. Thank you very much friend, you just saved my day! Great explanation in two minutes!

  9. thank you very very very muchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. yes, very good but how to install windows 7 on windows 8 laptop without losing data and convert from mbr to gpt partition

  11. yay my windows 8 has said bye bye en my said happly hello to windows 7 pro 64bit :-)

  12. lol i like this guy

  13. Why do laptops have this bullshit on all i want to do is install windows 7 cuz windows 8 is such a pile of wank but it is hard :(

  14. Thanks man for the simple fix

  15. Does this undo all those stupid partitions windows 8 makes?

  16. What if you don't have a CD drive. Do I follow the same steps you did with a flash drive?

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