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How to Install X-Ray Mod in Minecraft 1.8.8 (Simple)

Learn how to easily install the X-Ray mod in Minecraft 1.8.8!
Crazy Craft 3.0 Modpack Installation Tutorial:
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20 Comments on How to Install X-Ray Mod in Minecraft 1.8.8 (Simple)

  1. my computer cant open it i have installed all + the file but it isnt a java file pic in the middle of the file how do i fix

  2. Thankyou I have 64 diamonds now!

  3. Thanks now i don't find now a cave jas xray

  4. It works exactly as advertised!

  5. what website the shower button doesn't work for me

  6. i want to know how to make a school: school mod plzzzz

  7. can u show more mods or shader packs for minecraft 1.8.8

  8. My file doesn't open. I've tried open with Java and loads more; I have Windows 10. Please help me :(


  10. Thanks man I don't care about the xray, but I just wanted to see how you would install the .jar file. Thanks for giving me the link to the development kit because without me knowing I needed that, I would have never known how to fix the installation.

  11. well …. this totally works

  12. Why did you censor out your FPS? We already know you get 3 fps on your '1700 Gaming PC'.

  13. My $1700 Gaming/Editing PC Build! (Timelapse):

  14. iT WORKERD TY ALO :)

  15. y u block ure fps xD
    and u only have 4gb of ram

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