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13 Comments on How to install/setup ffmpeg on windows 7

  1. great stuff, thankyou for making this so clear and easy

  2. I have watch three tutorial all fail, for some reason after checking with command install, I dint know what I did wrong. But with you tutorial it ONLY took me once to do it. Thank you for posting full review tutorial and hoping more guys like myself who have watched other tutorial can learn from you post! 5*

  3. This was so awesome I gave you a thumbs up with both of my accounts! :)

  4. Thnx for the tutorial 😀 helped alot

  5. When I click on the .exe file after installation, the command prompt windows opens and then closes immediately

  6. Never realized the true importance of the actual variable name. Make sure you name it "path" or else ffmpeg will not work.

  7. Thanks, very helpful

  8. Best,simple tutorial about installation.thank you

  9. Hi, first thanks for the tuto.
    On cmd painel after ffmpeg version comand I received that red information:  
    unable to find a suitable output format for 'version'
    version: invalid argument

    What is wrong or is it normal?

  10. the new version is so complex can anyone help me

  11. Worked great, thanks! There are way too many outdated tutorials out there. 

  12. Thank you very much for this tip! I found this video after only getting outdated Windows ffmpeg demos in search results; you were the only one I found who showed two critical steps (open file click "bin", copy link to "New"). Again, thank you, because if people follow others' depricated advice they might wind up with boot troubles…you saved me from that!

  13. hai….i installed ffmpeg successfully….how can i use it… input video and accessing output video

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