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How To Mine Ethereum – Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD | Windows 10)

Want to know how to mine Ethereum using Windows 10? This video is a full tutorial for beginners that will teach you how to get started mining Ethereum using either an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Setup a wallet, download and install the latest versions of mining software (Claymore), and join a mining pool (Nanopool).

Claymore Mining Software:
Ethereum Wallet: …

38 Comments on How To Mine Ethereum – Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD | Windows 10)

  1. Hey man. This is obsolete.. outdated. There's no option "Generate your config". There's "Configure miner", which i assume is it but it takes me to a completely different page with command lines I need to manually input into the mining software. Any help? Much appreciated for your time and help. 🙂

  2. Please give information about mining types and software I am new in mining

  3. Really good u give step by step instructions thanks

  4. Nanominer steals 1% of the reward mined, additional to the pool fee, no?

  5. After running the .bat file i just get the black cmd screen for few seconds and it disappears after that. Can anyone help me?

  6. It’s best tutorial in YouTube if u can, make some video tutorial Bitcoin pls

  7. Wait… why am I watching this when I'm not even old enough to drink?

  8. Perfect how to video, keep posting these quality videos, you just got another subscriber! Thank you!!

  9. When I go to Nanopool and press option 3, it sends me to a GitHub page, and not the config generator. what do I do?

  10. – Few hours I got 20Eth in my wallet hack from Hackerolesya@gmail,com

  11. This is great information, thank you for your time and effort.

  12. Claymore is no more available and it's showing nanominer in it's place.
    Could you please help me.

  13. I bought this mining 2 years ago. Is running ok for quiet some time but suddenly I got busy and I haven’t check my mining. It just stop and it won’t give any earning. I start to check it and restart my desktop. It start having error around Jan or feb, anyway, my problem is, it working not but it didn’t show on my status. It just show there nothing. It seem like my accounts got deleted or something.

  14. Great tutorial, thanks for your help!!

  15. Best way of explaining

  16. This is the most clearly explained tutorial I have seen or heard for mining Ethereum. Well done.

  17. Dude u cleared most of my doubts i am new to this mining concept and had been watching many videos for how to start but you provided it for beginners like me and thats a good work… Appreciate it… Thank you for this… U r great…

  18. When I click on "Generate your config" it takes me to a download page for Nanominer. Is this happening for anyone else? I did everything you said to do to install Claymore.

  19. Mining is profitable with the right strategy , that's what exactly Mr mike is doing

  20. Best ethereum mining video. Thanks!

  21. dude, if my laptop based on AMD, will it work???

  22. i believe this has changed now. Might want to update.

  23. I am not able to generate config file after going to Nanopoo and clicking ethereum quick start. when i click quick start button select then config file option is there and after click config file its showing this link..
    here not coming coming for configuring claymore dualminer config generator. how i can start ethereum ming in laptop.plz tell.

  24. The generator is no longer available takes u to a git hub page

  25. Your link only goes to a nginx page. Nanominer uses a different client. Useless.

  26. HII BRO their is an virus in this folder

  27. Is it normal to get new jobs but no shares? 25.2Mh/s on an rx 570

  28. without this I never would have gotten off minergate and nicehash. Thank you very much!

  29. i am waiting 1h and dont get accepted share

  30. im using nvidia geforce GTX 960…….will it be able to mine ether ??

  31. i have windows 8, how do u do it on 8? i did everything you told me to do, step by step, afterwords it says amd , or nvidia is not compatible, otherwise when i click on the start.bat it says everything is 100%. I await your response.

  32. Getting an error immediately after running the start batch file. "ethdcrminer64.exe has stopped working" is this because of the graphic card version compatibility. Trying for the first time. Please help.

  33. hi i followed your tutorial but i have hit a problem when i run the miner is starts ok but hen stops and says "no NVIDIA or AMD detected" in red and closes, i checked in device manager and found i only have a Intel(R) HD graphics, do i need to get a new graphics card or can i bypass it somehow ?

  34. What should my hash be ? I have a 1060 6gb

  35. I have two questions:
    1. do the mines start automatically on startup?
    2.if they don't, how can i turn off that setting, cause a forgot

  36. When I run my start batch file (start.bat) I am prompted with a message from my antivirus (Malwarebytes) that it refused to allow me to run it due to the program being malware. Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this?

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