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How To NEVER DIE AGAIN in COD BO4 – TIPS & TRICKS [Call of Duty Black Ops 4] Gameplay

What’s up guys! Welcome to another Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks video! In this video I will be telling you guys some pretty neat tricks you should follow in order to get more kills. These tips should be used to raise your Kill Death Ratio (KD) in cod BO4 Multiplayer. Good luck and I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you did, make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new to the channel!

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26 Comments on How To NEVER DIE AGAIN in COD BO4 – TIPS & TRICKS [Call of Duty Black Ops 4] Gameplay


  2. What is going on with your contrast bruh

  3. My k/d is 11.5 and I’m the best in the world, I shit you not

  4. The only tip you need is : Get better internet.

    Majority of these “good players” pay an arm and a leg for top quality internet connection for a video game ????????‍♂️????

  5. Teach me how to have better aim and a better reaction time. Oh and predicting spawns would help. Pretty much all anyone needs

  6. Why do the colors on your game look different than mine?

  7. First match i played there were 5 uavs called in and 3 gunships along with at least 4 hellstorms with some lightnings mixed in. And then I got disconnected. This was 5 minutes in. How do you beat hackers?

  8. Lol i read raise your kid on the thumbnail

  9. This games KD isn’t and estimated KD at all ???? EKIA/D stands for “Enemies Killed In Action/Deaths”

  10. I really want to get good with the sniper but I am so bad at it. I some time potato but that’s not the problem I hit most of my shots, my only problem every time I see someone I aim in but they just melt me down instantly I try no scoping it’s useless. I have acoustic sensor btw

  11. Your actually stunned if you think people should use L1/R1 on xbox, like is your head in the sand?

  12. My k/d is about 0.90 I'm bad

  13. I play on a 12 Sensitivity lol

  14. The game is a fucking sweat fest(I’m basically one of them)

  15. My best kd is 31 kills and 7 deaths

  16. Kd like 0.3 hahaha How long am I going to learn this game? Jus playing 2 days ????

  17. U trash yourself ????

  18. 50% chance where you get that stat

  19. You honestly giving tips on sensitivity? Jesus. Sensitivity is personal, nothing else!

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