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How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert's Guide

Want to beat blackjack? It all starts with learning how to play. In this video, professional Blackjack players Colin Jones and “Loudon Ofton” break down the objective of blackjack, how to play it, as well as how it is possible to turn the tables on the casino and beat the game.


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20 Comments on How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert's Guide

  1. Why did the dealer have to stay at 17 in that situation? Couldn't he have hit again, either getting something above an 18, or drawing until he busts out? That just seems weird.

  2. How many idiots watched this, tried what they said and lost. Lol

  3. Y’all came to learn how to play and win money in a VIDEO GAME I came to learn how to WIN in REAL LIFE ???????????????? WE AINT THE SAME ????????????

  4. There is no way to win at blackjack. Even following perfect basic strategy the house still has an edge. All you can do is learn to count cards and hope they don't kick you out.

  5. Will you still have the same odds against auto card shuffling machine in casino?

  6. Damn, why are these games so fun untill people start talking math and go all tryhard? I honesly just enjoy tring to play the game well in predictions etc. It gets boring when people start talking about counting cars, memorizeing and all this math stuff.

  7. David is dead weight in this video. No pulse

  8. Get caught card counting get kicked out.

  9. What? 3:2 pay out! My casino only pays 2:1 if you get blackjack.

  10. I haven't paid for a single beer at the bar since I watched this. ????

  11. I think you are leaving out one critical decision. You need to make sure everyone especially the last person needs know when to hold or when to take a card.

  12. i just wanna beat the Omertas at New vegas 😛

  13. Son of a… 21. 21? 21… Ugh, I thought it was 25!!!! No fkn wonder I never win…

  14. Just play for fun, don't plan to beat the house consistently! If you can beat the house, they will either ban you, or beat you up in the back alley.:-)

  15. I'd rather make money by working and spending them on what I want than to play them at a casino for the "chance" of a bigger win.

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