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How to play Wraith effectively – Apex Legends Tutorial/Tips and Tricks/Guide

Wraith is one of my favourite characters to play in Apex Legends and I think that if played correctly she is one of the most powerful. This video takes an in depth look at her abilities, tactics you should use and my tips and tricks that help me win quite a lot of matches with decent kills.

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31 Comments on How to play Wraith effectively – Apex Legends Tutorial/Tips and Tricks/Guide

  1. I like the wingman and triple take

  2. *A wild Pathfinder appeared!*
    *Wraith used void run!*
    *Pathfinder closed the door!
    Wraith: ONO

  3. I think Wrath's kit is kinda fun but for anyone like myself who is used to the Phase Shift in Titanfall 2 her kit is heavily nerfed by comparison where as the other similar abilities like Octanes Stim is about on par with the Tf2 stim or Gibraltars Shield barrier is a bigger version of the one in Tf2 and his gun shield is similar to the Titans. I just feel like Game Mechanically and Story wise Wraith drew from the bottom of the barrel.

    The phase shift in connection with the phase rewind were decent but easily countered if you screwed up . I know they are different games but they took the overall best class in my opinion and made nerfed it. Phase Shift used to make you totally invisible as even with Wraith you're supposed to be in a different dimension, and the portal I I st don't personally like after using her even with your tips. I know most of my dislike comes from being salty of my favorite class being changed but it doesn't change the fact Wraith is a prototype of phase tech and playing her as a Tf2 veteran she plays like it. If you like here by all means keep playing as her this is just a heads up to any Titanfall fans who haven't actually played it and like myself expect more of a phase shift kit.

    Another example of how comparable kits are upgrades is Pathfinder his grapple has a lot more versatility than the Tf2 by comparison. As well as mirages Holograms while not 'better' are at least on par with his counterpart

  4. Your tips are very helpful wraith in my main legend always trying to find ways to get better with her. And you have twitch to

  5. We need a legendary skin for her with her hair down. Long black hair, a black and purple bodysuit similar to her Void Specialist outfit, a hoop nosering instead of her usual stud, and fingerless gloves with black nail polish.

    Plz Respawn. You can't make a legend that looks just like Amy Lee and NOT give us some Legendary skins with her hair down and black nail polish! Stop dying it bleach blonde and give us a legendary that isn't 1. Bald or blonde and 2. Wearing some weird weeaboo Mortal Kombat outfit. Please!

  6. I use the alternator and a wingman so ya

  7. Thanks for the info and tips man~. About to be my first time playing Apex. Looks fun~.

  8. If I experience lag spikes 30% of the time and like to wait for a squad to push you 50% of the time and like to push 50% is wraith good for me

  9. Great video pro tips.

  10. I got a legendary skin for Wraith… so she's my main now.

  11. When your in the void there are images of yourself that you can see. This is no distraction. Those images of wraith are different possible places you can go, as I noticed. This can help a lot when under pressure and a much more advance tip then the video. As wraith is a trust the void kinda person
    Your welcome
    Also I'm the best wraith ????????????

  12. When you realize they made the Wraith look just like Angelina Jolie in the move “Taking Lives”

  13. I play random matches but if anyone plays xbox and wants to play my gt is IG Chrome x btw I’m only 13 and I’m not the best

  14. Wraith sucks at using the Kamui

  15. When I 1st played Wraith I was ballin & used my void teleporter to leave the war zone….Idk they could follow me into the void so i died after having a team chase me ????

  16. At 4:58 ????????????????????????????????????

  17. Now I confusing, I don't know want to use wraith or octane, I have watch two tips and trick for both of them, I think octane is better(i still newbie) but everyone keeps saying wraith is the best legend. Can anyone help me please?

  18. 7:08 how tf do u slide backwards

  19. I'm wraith,lifeline,and octane

  20. Just started using wraith when I phase I feel like I'm running real slow what am i doing wrong?

  21. My only goal playing wraith is to place a portal somewhere like airbase and watch an enemy chasing me fall off the map

  22. My friend that I play apex knows what loot I have e.g today he said “Wow you don’t have a knockdown shield”. Can someone please tell me how he did this? He’s done this multiple times so it is impossible that he’s guessing

  23. btw your wrong with the speed boost with her tactical it’s only when you use your ult then the tactical

  24. 4:57 that doable headshot was A1 ????

  25. This is kinda off topic but i play wraith a lot and I like her passive and I don’t know if this effects my gameplay with other games let’s say overwatch,I could predict if some one has their ultimate ability just by looking how their moving I say in chat they gonna use últ and save my team

  26. This didnt help me with anything these are all basic bitches

  27. Wraith is my main and I thought I was using her abilities wrong so this really helped thanks

  28. Anyone else think the Havoc rifle has way to much recoil

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