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46 Comments on HOW TO: Remotely Shutdown a Computer Using CMD!!

  1. I just pranked my mom with this lmao

  2. when i do it is error

  3. retard 12 year old wtf

  4. stay in drugs kid don't do alchol or somtin

  5. this is stupid and clickbait just type this:shutdown/i

  6. yes this could very well work but only but only if u turned remote shutdown on on the computer u want to shut down

  7. Everyone knows that, what I need is something that shuts down ALL of the computers on my network, or something that could shut down any computer everywhere (not only on my network) could be great

  8. Instead of bringing up the command prompt you can just search
    shutdown /i and it will bring it up straight away

  9. first thing, he is 8, second problem, he is using bandicam and this isnt real hacking.

  10. When I do net view, only Windows (Only mine…) Show. At a friend's house, only Windows show. How can I make it show Macs as well?

  11. Dutch? hans is a dutch name 😛

  12. why nobody shows shutdowning another computer???
    It always shows Access denied!! :-(.
    If someone knows how to do it, please answer me!! Thanks.

  13. Some snot nosed gamer kid without anything else better to do. Blah

  14. you can only shutdown other computers if you have network previleges, if you dont have them you need a more sufisticate tool (a pentest OS) like backtrack or kali linux, or you can use some scripts, you can put a script in a pen to open a file just by plugin it in the usb flash drive, then you can do what ever you want, a program to shutdown after some time, delete everything, turn down firewall, mouse, keyboard, antivirus etc…

  15. I want to do that in school, but im afraid of teachers reaction. How can I recognize which computer is students and which is teachers?

  16. it says list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available when i type net view

  17. It says "access denied".

  18. thnx is work in windows 10

  19. error:- access is denied<5>
    help me

  20. the reason it says acess denied is because you cant do it to pcs not connected to your wifi

  21. question your restaring your PC

    how do i get someone computer name to shut him down ?

  22. it says Failed to connect to registry.(1326)

  23. why net view not working ?i have windows 8.pls tell me

  24. LUL
    Open Cmd copy paste below the shutdown /s /t then space then choose what time you want to shut down. Captain flies away
    shutdown /s /t
    1h = 3600

    2h = 7200

    3h = 10800

    4h = 14400

    5h = 18000

    6h = 21600

    7h = 25200

    8h = 28800

    9h = 32400

    10h = 36000

  25. Access is denied! Didn't work! Anyway, your voice is really very hot!!!

  26. It simply says "Access denied". Please help.

  27. I hate how there a free screen recorder called obs yet people use bandicam with the watermark

  28. lol don't do shutdown -s I fucking shutdown my computer lol I did it wrong

  29. To everyone cmplaining about how it doesn't work: It won't work If the network doesn't register you as an administrator

  30. "xxiBALLSTICKERxx"
    yup, this video is legit af

  31. It doesn't work on macs, but it works on my pcs. Any methods for mac?

  32. it will work only on domains

  33. it sais access denied

  34. Dud use ZD screen recorder. Ur current ones so damm laggy

  35. such a toaster computer

  36. all do "shutdown/i" not "shutdown -1"

  37. that was fkcing lame dude

  38. i have try this setp but is not working any more!!

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