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How to reset Windows 7 password without third party software.

In this video i reset windows 7 password without third party sofware. To do it, I modified SETHC AND CMD files in the System32 folder to be able to pull up the command prompt at the windows log on screen.

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  1. u are great menh……..

  2. I made it all they way through but when I get to the part where the Administrator is mine says my brothers name and then "Guest" instead of "home". I still can't bring up the option to put in a new password. Please help!

  3. a thanks a bunch for this tutorial worked wonders and thanks again

  4. I cant thanks you enough for this tutorial !
    Worked for me and just about saved my bacon !!!!!

  5. Fabulous. Does this work for 8 or any other version

  6. Worked perfectly after I was able to get the "Launch Startup Repair" prompt. I pressed power a few times and couldn't get that prompt. So on the menu I selected "Start with command prompt" then as that was loading files, I held down power again, then I got the "Launch…" prompt needed. Then I followed this tutorial. Worked as expected!

  7. thanks so much.

    had to replace 'home' with 'Administrator' for mine

  8. thanks myaan!! saved my life lol 

  9. thanks for this video…now i have done with hacking all my pc company….LoL!!

  10. hi, i'm having an issue with this, after put the name use —– *, i'm receiving a msg that says : the syntax of this command is : and give a couple of thing about user name password, delete & times that i don't really get it, please advice

  11. Something else pops up

  12. oldu ozamanaaaa

  13. >>> No.1 Windows Password Recovery Method Today Safe Elegant and Simple Way to the way of Recovery.

  14. Lol! They ask me the password before repairing….. LOL! Am i the only one?

  15. I cant open the first page for the "launch repair" can someone please help? Please!

  16. Does it still work my keys wont work

  17. Thanks Wilmer Cruz ur a Life saver!!! Reset the password for my mates sons pc, he will be very happy that he didnt have to reinstall windows. Thanks again !!

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