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How to run Linux commands on Windows using Cygwin

I had a viewer comment asking how to hide a Truecrypt container in an image on Windows as my tutorial only focused on Linux. To do this I recommended using Cygwin. This video shows how to install Cygwin and add the bin path to the Windows Environmental Variable Path so that cygwin commands (such as ls, grep, cat, tar, etc.) will run from a Windows command prompt in any directory. Hope you find this useful and as always comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!

21 Comments on How to run Linux commands on Windows using Cygwin

  1. How Do I Insatll ZNC on window using Cygwin ??

  2. can u use the airnon-ng command

  3. If I want to install more commands like npm javascript modules, how would I do that?

  4. Hey, I created a shell script and I want to automate the same thing in windows but I am not familiar with the batch script. Is there anyway that I can just convert that shell script in to batch script?.

  5. hey I'm having some troubles with the environmental controls literally wont work

  6. Nice Video … Helpful …Thank You 🙂

  7. Thanks a lot, with this i was able to run certain basic awk cmmands on windows7

  8. does this work for windows 10 ??

  9. Thank you so much! very clear and concise explanation. I appreciate it.

  10. Thank you, some times we can't avoid working on a windows box and I love the idea of being able to run Unix/Linux commands in this environment.

  11. Thanks a lot master !

  12. thanks!… it was very very helpfull 😀

  13. This is probably a stupid question but, does this replace cmd? Because I use cmd regularly and I want to keep it the same and have Cygwin as a separate program.

  14. Hi, Thanks a lot. But my 'clear' command is not running. Am I doing something wrong?

  15. Thanks! Crucial work!

  16. Wonderful!! So much better than my Linux setup i had before. I had a virtual machine going and it was just so unnecessary! AWESOOME!!!!

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