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How to see (and extract) all passwords stored on a PC? | Tutorial [#22]

Warning 1: This tutorial is strictly for educational purposes and I don’t mean to cause any harm. However, if that does happen, you cannot hold me responsible.
Warning 2: If your antivirus detects any of the files used in this video as viruses/trojans, turn it off until you’re done using them. Those are false alerts and you are safe to use these files, as you can see in this tutorial.
Note: If you don’t see any passwords showing in the WebBrowserPassView, you need to change your browser…

46 Comments on How to see (and extract) all passwords stored on a PC? | Tutorial [#22]

  1. the passwords do not save why can you help btw love the video

  2. how can i see my password on gameclub i forgot it can you help me.

  3. Is there any way to do this on a phone

  4. OMG, thanks a lot bro! You're a lifesaver. I'm a new sub now. Thanx again!

  5. I write the same text but my .bat don't create the .txt file, only start the program, What I can do?

  6. OMG, thanks a lot bro! You're a lifesaver. I'm a new sub now. Thanx again!

  7. can you show us how to make WebBrowserPassView.exe
    undetectable from anti virus plz cause its annoying to download it again and again if you can do that it will be perfect ( and maybe you will have more subscriber )

  8. Hello, does this work in safe mode Win 10? Dont have admin password for UAC so i cant disable Defender to do this, it deletes file from usb flash before i can do anything. Tnx in advance

  9. it really isn't a virus?


  11. I need to extract passwords from brave browser from external drive. As my ssd failed, I can't start up windows from it, neither plug it in as its blocking the bios. Somehow it works through usb under old windows.. , is it possible to find my passwords and accounts from that? Please help..

  12. This is a Trojan virus

  13. for the people that think that this is a hack or something its not it works

  14. Will new passwords continue to be saved after downloading it ?

  15. Thank you for 100K views!

    If you like this video, you may be interested in this one too. It's about Keyloggers:

  16. I want to see my pcs password not the passwords i used in the internet, is that possible?

  17. Software pulls up all my current saved passwords, just wondering if there is a way to recover passwords which I have used on my computer but did not save or select "remember me" at point of log in?

  18. the pass word wrong

  19. Double D is there a way I can contact you ? It’s urgent it’s about getting a database

  20. Someone help me quick when I open the webbrowserview it says “ access denied to open this app “ I tried to use it on a teachers pc in school

  21. super i sub you

  22. Is it possible to see these passwords on " INCOGNITO" browser ?? Or is there a way ??

  23. How can I find ADMIN passwords that were once used on the PC? I know how to reset the password, but I would like to know how can I find the password I had before I reset it. Your aid would be much appreciated.

  24. I forget my password in game, 28/04/2019 in game, this tool will Works?

  25. I can't download it because a virus is detected!

  26. Link to get admin password?
    Ima get it on a school computer

  27. Does chrome save any passwords that i used to login into any websites that i didn't save ?

  28. that miss up lol buit fact it work sao if u use thisd ona friend pc u can logint o all thre stuff im week

  29. Thanks Mate this worked brilliant and got me into my e-mail when the provider said they couldn't. Thanks again !!

  30. I cant find password of any file / folder

  31. my virus protecter telling me that its virus on it

  32. The first one where you see all the passwords typed does it shoe the accounts passwords too?

  33. i get a virus warning when trying to dl webpassview

  34. it did not work for me, any suggestions?

  35. Help i forgot my google password and security question and old phone number is not an option sadly. Luckily im still logged in my pc

  36. While signing.. it says "Your connection to this site is not private" … Plz help !!

  37. Hey! great video but the /stext and making a text file is not working for me. any help?

  38. Double D : Can we make link by which we pressing, it does all the save passwords in chrome or any internet explorer in text file send it over a network .

  39. bro soo to see the passwords u had to save it before please answer

  40. It is detecting by virus in other computers. Is there any command to avoid this?

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