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How to Set Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

How to auto shutdown Windows 10/8/7 automatically. Its a trick to set a automatic shutdown timer to shutdown the computer. Just follow the steps shown in the video and learn to set windows timer to shutdown.

Do you always forget to switch off your computer before going to bed, or just forget to look at the clock while you’re working? This tutorial will tell you how to get your computer to shut down at a time specified by you.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and…

8 Comments on How to Set Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

  1. um yeah.. Apple is better. Case closed.

  2. great tutorial!
    what is the use of "/s/f"?

  3. Very clear and concise tutorial. Thank you

  4. thanks you made it way easier then the other tutorials

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