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How to solve CPU overheating issue (windows 10,7,8.1)

How to solve CPU overheating issue(windows 10,7,8.1)

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A guide for fixing an overheating CPU. If your pc’s CPU temperatures are high or above normal, try this procedure,This may Work for you.
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18 Comments on How to solve CPU overheating issue (windows 10,7,8.1)

  1. Good one ! when i saw this video i was think it's joke or not real !
    i7 8700k + Z370-E was TEMP 67
    Now 33 ! Alot of thanks bro !

  2. this is not a fix, you can also choose not to use your computer at all which would also decrease the laptop to room temperature.fucking idiot.

  3. It decreased my temp by 2 c lmao

  4. thanks bro many many thanks. kya computer slow to nehi hoga

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  6. why the fuck option is not available

  7. This was EXCELLENT advice and thank your for being so smart and helping others, please making more helpful videos!

  8. why does every indian youtuber constantly click refresh on their pc lol

  9. I am getting option – active and passive instead of selecting %. which option to select.

  10. this is amazing method and very helpful . it is very important to decrease core temp.

  11. Fuckers don,t u understand this decreases the CPU preformance a lot………..

    Don;t do this

  12. When i use max state and want to change value its grayed out and when ever i change to any value it changes it back to 100%

  13. I USED SPEECY still not working

  14. Solution to a buggy, shit operating system, software underclock your CPU? lol DON'T do this unless you want your PC to run slower.

  15. holy shit dam thank so much man it decreased my temp by 15 c !!! and its still decreasing thank you

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