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How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection! (New)

This video shows you, How to speed up any Internet connection on Windows 10 Computer, with this method you can achieve increased Bandwidth, Faster page loads, better ping and secure connection, this method is absolutely free, legit and legal as well as we don’t use any software to achieve this performance increase!

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29 Comments on How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection! (New)

  1. 2:40 The way he says Haha
    Nice video, though.
    Thank you, son.

  2. 13mbps to 24 mbps thx bud

  3. l i get 165 mmps up and down i still think its slow

  4. while watching this, it so lag and kepping stopped.

  5. wtf dropped from 50mbps to 20

  6. you are in coimbatore in taminadu and in india

  7. It's worked !!! Thanks man

  8. Yes because 19 mbps is very bad ????

  9. Ordomadicly almost doubled for me after this. Thanks.

  10. Honestly i though this is waste of time but this worked

  11. let me watch this on 4k real quick DUDE WHY DID YOU DO THAT



  14. Yey 12 MBPS :3

    Thanks so much

  15. You legend this helped so much!!!

  16. Is there an English version?

  17. Here's the problem i connect my enthernet. To the yellow port then connected it to my pc that say enthernet but nothing works. Even when i close my wifi in my pc.

  18. i changed the user logi and forgot lol

  19. I don't have Windows 10

  20. His voice is hilarious XD Is he making jokes?

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