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How to Speed Up Web Browsing | For Windows 7,8 And 10

This Video Show’s You, How to Speed Up Web Browsing by Switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS. This Trick Is 100% Working For All Type of Internet connections or Service providers. And it can be apply to Windows 7,8 and 10 OS’s, and the method is legal and free.

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18 Comments on How to Speed Up Web Browsing | For Windows 7,8 And 10

  1. is this will break my pc or give me viruses

  2. is it working on laptop?

  3. Dude thank you so much! Now it's working very fluently 😉

  4. gee can u tell how to remove yahoo from chrome when i search yahoo search is come how to solve it plz help me

  5. Good video. Keep it up bro.

  6. in my case, it showing IP Address is not valid warning !
    so how can correct it ?

  7. Sir which screen recording software u used as well as to zoom or video editing ?

  8. how to hack WiFi on mobile ??

  9. whats the best for uk?

  10. can you provide the link for the free for dns website address. Could nt find? Thanks

  11. This is the best YouTube channel to stretch your dormant mathematical mind that you never thought you had!
    Thanks for your efforts man, and keep the videos coming.

  12. thankx buddy for these nice video ……….keep it up………

  13. you use tubebuddy 100% sure

  14. where are you bro?Not Coming with any new video.

  15. +geeks tutorial thanks so much for the Windows 10 upgrade video it really helped

  16. amar rafee.thx dude..peace out.. 😀

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