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35 Comments on How to Speed up Windows 7 by 100%

  1. What wallpaper is this?

  2. I have windows 10 and this speeded my computer too and i used the windows 10 speed up and my computer is running super FAST!

  3. i found i knew a lot of these BUT many folks dont. it was extremely easy to follow well explained and will make a massive difference to new or inexperienced users. Really great job mate!!

  4. Well after doing the config part now my laptop wont connect to the internet or find the avalible wifi!!!

  5. I mean if our browser isnt open, then how are we watching this video 😉

  6. for anyone whos interested, when I got to the part where said to unckeck the boxes in the system configuration, I did that, and once I restarted my pc, it wouldnt get online at all. I wasnt even able to restore my pc because that function had been disabled. after 5 hours of screwing with it I was able to restore my pc with the install disk. even after that my browser and games were fkd up. I had to reinstall those. I wouldnt recommend unchecking those boxes.

  7. Why iam watching this my pc is good

  8. Just thought i would update the links as of today's date: 12 April 2019
    Game Booster:

    The links in his description are long dead.

  9. AH! It seems so easy, but you did a lot of work doing the video. Good to know. Thank you!!

  10. Thank you. We know some of these techniques. You have nicely compiled a good, big list. The one thing that bugs me is Services. There are so many Services running. I have not gone dilligently through all of them. I keep wondering how much the PC would improve if we sat and cleaned up all the unwanted and actually bad services.

  11. Thanks! Alot faster now.

  12. YOU MESSED UP MY PC I DONT HAVE INTERNET TY ????????????????????


  13. Thank you for the great information!

  14. My computer is to slow to handle basic and aerial and it could only handle classic theme

  15. I am convinced of two things. 1) you helped a lot of people with your tutorial and 2) you sound exactly like David Spade.

  16. Buy a faster computer!!! I’ve got a Alienware super speed computer but the window 7 after formatting has slowed down my download speed.

  17. Mien Has No Personalize

  18. mm… . . adding solid state drive and more memory will speed things up a lot. Also, when using Windows, i use FolderChanger to increase my productivity overall, just to speed up my workflow as well. Google for "folderchanger".. works great

  19. First of all you have to speed up your pc

  20. what game booster does to the performance of my computer. answer me as soon as possible.

  21. Thanks guy that sounds like David Spade


  23. Thanks for showing me how to clean up and speed up my computer.  I'm an old fart, so I have almost no idea how a computer works and need all the help I can get.  You have been of great help.Hopefully, the notes I took will get me through thisThank you for all your work, Jim O.

  24. am sure PC's of today if installed WIndows 98 or XP they will be pretty fast…only a few cracked driver upgrades will be required

  25. Thanks a lot. My system performance has improved a lot.

  26. THANK YOU! Totally made a difference in my system.

  27. boy your comp running SLOW

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