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How To Speed Up Windows 7 (Tips and Tricks)

This is a video on how to speed up windows!!!

1) Buy more ram or use usb or memory card as ram (ReadyBoost)
2) Use “msconfig” to monitor your start up programs
3) Disable windows 7 animations.
4) Use “Disk Cleanup” and “Disk Defradmenter” to clean up harddrive
5) Turn off windows search
6) Download “Game Booster 3”

Game Booster 3:


20 Comments on How To Speed Up Windows 7 (Tips and Tricks)

  1. I have Windows 7 but I dont have ready Boost

  2. I'm now gonna use all my free space in my OS SSD and HDD as RAM.
    2TB of RAM…
    Hell yeah!

  3. man you are the best thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i love you bro u have no idea my pc better than it was now thx :)

  4. I got windows 8.1 and it doesn't have readyboost,what  I do?

  5. Ugh, finally someone explained readyboost well.

  6. When I try to download Game Booster 3, it takes me to download 'Advanced SystemCare 8 Free'. Do Idownload this? It seems pretty iffy…

  7. Thx, my pc is extremely fast now

  8. Link for the game booster is dead. Here is a new one:

  9. omg thank you so much

  10. I have an older laptop, I cant put any more ram in (2gb is the max) what speeded up my experience SOOO much was switching to linux :)

  11. what is the meaning of defragment ? I couldn't find it on dictionary.

  12. Awesome quick fire tips, thanks!

  13. Guys is there an app that lets you adjust the limit of the size of files or memory that you want?…

  14. thanks man 😉 I seen a difference

  15. Nice one man.. I liked your readyboost suggestion.

  16. I have 2.00GB (1.75GB is only usable)

  17. SUPERB VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. can you use an external hard-drive to increase your ram? it's basically 1 OP usb in terms of storing/saving content anyway, right? i got a 1tb external hd that i save my stuff on and i was wondering if i could do the usb trick with it.

  19. You can't use ReadyBoost it's because Superfetch is disabled. Enable it then you can use ReadyBoost.

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