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How to speed up your old PC fast (#KingstonTimeHacks)

Is your old laptop or desktop horrifically slow? Here’s a simple and cheap way to speed it up, with a Kingston A400 SSD! Just follow this simple video guide!
Kingston A400 SSD:
Sponsored by: Kingston for the #KingstonTimeHacks promotion.
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11 Comments on How to speed up your old PC fast (#KingstonTimeHacks)

  1. and power erase

  2. have you heard of ccleaner

  3. whats your daily driver pc? 7820x?

  4. Don't you just love them, you know about computers don't you ? Questions lol

  5. I had slapped Samsung EVO 850 250GB on my obsolete AMD A10 laptop, but still keeping my old HDD as storage in my DVD drive by using Orico's hard drive mount, and throwing away my ODD. I feel happy now, although I already plan to change my laptop to a new MSI gaming laptop. But I still think that my SSD upgrade is a worthy one, especially for daily task.

  6. I HAVE THAT LAPTOP!!! But with an i5 2410m instead

  7. On top of the ssd upgrade you could have also done it on a untouched laptop that hasn't had updates for years, included ram upgrades, thermal paste, a dust out, updates & security scans, as this is the usual balls to tthe wall way of covering all bases.

  8. I have one they are not bad (: loads games way faster

  9. You might want to consider disabling the page file, if SSD longevity is desirable. It constantly writes and rewrites, shortening longevity. I suspect not doing this killed my first SSD after 18 months.

  10. But what if I have an ssd but my pc is still slow

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