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15 Comments on How to Tell If Your Computer Has Been Hacked

  1. Yea install an app you know nothing about from someone you know nothing about as a security tool. Guess what, after you install it everyone is on your wifi… SMH

  2. `objective see` do excellent free products for Mac

  3. Okay I need to spread this to the world.

    Today, my laptop got hacked.
    It was actually the creepiest thing I witnessed in my life. My computer was so slow today and the screen mouse or whatever moved by itself. The creepiest part.. I was charging my laptop then a freaking creepy ass bitch popped on my screen and turned everything off. Viruses keep popping up too. I covered up the webcam with ductape and tissues.

  4. i recommend sparrohacker (AT) gmail as best hacker

  5. Probably a good idea just to backup everything, wipe the drive and reinstall your operating system from scratch every couple of years. Especially if you're on Windows. Maybe even annually for Windows.
    I do the same thing with my credit cards, report them lost annually, issues you a new number for them. Start over from scratch.

  6. If you use internet on your phone, if you sync your phone to anything……aren't you hackable? I won't do it.

  7. Hi I got a call the other day from a so called tech company and they said that the reason for the call is because I had a lot of foreign addresses showing up when I go to a command prompt and I type in netstat. I did not let them remote connect to my pc.. Is this something I should be concerned about? How would I go about deleting them for good??

  8. Who makes that large clock in the background?

  9. Get Glasswire. Super easy to use and it's great to use to monitor network activity and which devices are using your network

  10. How to tell if you computer has been hacked? If your computer has been truly hacked, you will never know.

  11. In addition to the internet traffic analysis, I'd recommend scanning the computer with MalwareBytes AnitMalware (MBAM) or Super Antispyware. Many people are upset by how much Windows 10 calls home and there are ways to turn most of that off as well. Lastly, I'd say you need know what is normal for your computer so that when unexpected changes occur you can detect them early on.

  12. Why do they always say I don't know! Then why did u call. Also real hat hacks do not care for your significance.

  13. I enjoy this content a lot it's almost like an ASMR for me thank you :'-)

  14. Port Explorer is a great tool for determining the who's and what's of Internet traffic. It maps inbound/outbound traffic from the program to the IP. It's a must have for Windows IT.

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