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How to turn your wired network connection into a WiFi Access Point [HD + Narration]

Virtual router plus download link:

Alternate video link if this will not works:

How to Display Android Phone/ device Screen on PC:

Error: “virtual router plus could not be started. Supported hardware may not have been found.”

1. Try again.
2. Upgrade the driver or use another wireless adapter.
3. i will upload another tutorial to turn your Laptop into a Wireless Access…

34 Comments on How to turn your wired network connection into a WiFi Access Point [HD + Narration]

  1. Bro u sound like Stephen Hawkings voice on his chair thing

  2. How do it's a hide

  3. 143 people disabled their network forever!

  4. I always wanted to be taught by professor Stephen hawking thanks so much! : )

  5. you are the best, its worked. Thanks

  6. Boss it is connected to my device but connection is to slow is not opening any page even whats msg's

  7. can i used this as a wired connection on my ps4

  8. Can't watch. NO ROBO VOICE

  9. My phone is connecting to the adress but it shows "connecting…" then it says "impossible to retrieve ip adress" …help pls?

  10. Oh thank u Sir its really helped me. I would buy a router but i haven't money Nd now u helped me free really tanks

  11. Hello people, you could just activate wifi through "mobile hotspot" feature on windows 10. Boom

  12. a device attached to the system is not functioning

  13. I recently changed from DSL to high speed cable and found out that my modem/router no longer worked with the new companies modem. This solution saved me about $30-$100 when considering I was about to buy a new router. Thank you so much for this tutorial, it works great.

  14. kamal ha yaar mene abi abi ye kaam kia ha maza aa gia jani awasome yaar

  15. can this work for my roku android box?

  16. How can i hide this wireless access.make it invisible for others?

  17. thanks for
    the tutorial

  18. i can connect to it but theres no internet

  19. Very nice and helpful

  20. "its for laptop and not desktop"

  21. fuck you… you copied

  22. good stuff. It worked great

  23. its works now dont have to buy a wifi router !!!!!!!!!

  24. thanks dude lots of love to u it worked for me 🙂


  26. please help me can i do it with out router??
    with out wifi

  27. you are great bro u made my day its works

  28. hey its not working… .. everytime its showing an error

  29. This works only if you have wifi adapter.Is there any other way to turn wired into wireless without using any adapters/??

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