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30 Comments on How To Uninstall uTorrent From Windows 7

  1. i cant unistall it because when i try it says uTorrent has stopped working even if i try to open uTorrent from desktop,its the same freaking problem.I tried everything it wont even open so do you maybe know how to fix that ?

  2. All my files are under utorrent, cant even open them all, pls help me

  3. At the time of uninstalling uTorrent by accident I checked in "take a survey". Did that make any change? Please help

  4. Can you please help?

  5. I followed all your steps and still I'm unable to reinstall uTorrent. Everytime I try to install the app, it says the app is already installed.

  6. Bruh Utorrent Had Virus That Why I WANT TO DELETE IT

  7. thank you very much i needed to uninstall this thing because i cannot use my cd as index and yeahh,now all is working perfect love u

  8. thaks man, it's work in my laptop..

  9. When I try to uninstall it nothing at all happens. The uTorrent logo have "taken" over some other icons like chrome, and some other shortcuts on my desktop. Today for the first time in years I was able to download a game but cant open it because it is the blank sheet with utorrent logo on. What should I do?

  10. This realy helps whit utorrent and McAfee

  11. I am following your instructions and its working

  12. Thank you it helped allot

  13. You do not have sufficient access ti uninstall uTorrent.Please contact your system administator-That is my problem can you help me…

  14. ehy I cant find Speedinmypc

  15. Why my another app is using utorrent logo? Like chrome firefox and many.why?

  16. u are a freaking life saver aka GOD
    uTorrent freaking destroys your PC

  17. This video helped me! Thank you

  18. thanks for this video

  19. thank you so much

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