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How To Upgrade To Windows 10 – Computer Tutor #001

A step-by-step tutorial on
How To Upgrade To Windows 10


This is a short step-by-step video on how you can still accomplish a Windows 10 free download and upgrade to windows 10. A complete Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade FREE. In order for this to work, the Windows 7 must have a genuine Windows 7 Key and it must be activated.

This video also explains how to change the computer name, how to optimize the…

47 Comments on How To Upgrade To Windows 10 – Computer Tutor #001

  1. I have question do I have to format my local disk to before doing this

  2. Where is windows 10 update

  3. Amazing this is Awsome this let’s play my steam games and many more things thank you so much god bless you

  4. am i gonna lose all my stuff i have?

  5. Türkish selamlar bu adamı izledim çok sagol senin sayende yaptım simdi rahatça gta5 oybuya biliyom saol thank you byby

  6. Thank you so much this helped and it WORKed but somehow I STILL Got my old files! i want them to be removed! all of them and idk how

  7. heres his product id 55041-011-1348822-86624

  8. Thank you! Its working!

  9. i am so sorry for The Windows 10 free upgrade through the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app ended on July 29 2016.

  10. I try google chrome and mozila firefox,same thing happen,internet explorer,not yet.

  11. Why there is nothing happen when i click "upgrade now"?ANYONE…

  12. Iam also windows 7 professional like you

  13. Would be nice to know that is the installed version 64bit or 32bit if my last version of Windows was 64bit?

  14. Wish me luck i hope i dont break or change my pc to windows XP

  15. If u pause at 0:49 u can see the code number whatever

  16. Does this kind of thing erase all my data and apps?

  17. Every time I press the 'upgrade now' button it doesn't do anything. I am trying to get windows 10 update for my grandma because she has windows 7 and her computer is insanely slow. Please someone help.

  18. u tried to blur out the product id but failed. lol

  19. Hi, I am wondering… Now I am with fresh install of Win 7, but there is bugs and It won't update 9 important updates and 21 not important updates. My PC performance now is very bad with this fresh instalation of Win 7. If I upgrade to Win 10 is everything will be OK and will I have problems wit important updates for Win 10? I tried everything on Win7 but without luck. Tnx

  20. Amazing video it helps a lot ????

  21. nvm it works my computer is bad 🙁

  22. i clicked upgrade but the file didn't show 🙁


  24. Hi there when you do this are all your files and emails etc all still in the same place, you dont loose you emails with windows messenger do you?..Fred in Essex.

  25. my family finally got internet and wifi again and im trying to update my computer. will this still work even today?

  26. thank you so much dood i finely got windows 10 thank you so much

  27. Is our computer going to formate

  28. But I Dont have A Password Wha Will I DO?

  29. Will are files be deleted or it will be there as it is?????

  30. just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10.lucky to find your video before upgrading.The most informative and easily understood available.

  31. Hi.. does windows 10 free upgrade up until now? can i still use it?

  32. When I click upgrade now nothing happens. When I click it again nothing happens and when I keep clicking it nothing happens again the same thing when I keep clicking it.

  33. Guys, I saw the product ID when I was going to stop the video by accident.

  34. Thank you so much ????

  35. The best windows 10 tutorial anywhere on the Internet! Thanks

  36. this work on internet ya without internet

  37. 55041-011-1348822-86624

  38. does it need to enter a product key after installing windows 10

  39. November 12, 2017> it just worked well for me; great tutoring. Thank you.

  40. Ok in the begginning it downloaded so fast but it has been on 99% for sooo long

  41. Thank u so much????????????????

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