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How to use CCleaner tutorial & Clean your Computer – Free & Easy

In this video see how to use CCleaner to clean your computer. Free easy CCleaner download and install. Clean up junk files, cookies, history, temporary files in a matter of minutes. You can use CCleaner on all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Microsofts latest version of Windows 8.1. CCleaner has a free basic version that works great and will cost you nothing to use. Best product on the market if you want more disk space, faster computer, faster laptop and a…

38 Comments on How to use CCleaner tutorial & Clean your Computer – Free & Easy

  1. When I analyze it stays at 0%…

  2. Why don't you put the link in the description that would be helpful please

  3. Lol, you get a software which takes up space to make space. That doesn’t make sense

  4. Don't waste your money, use the free version. Once I paid for the pro version it was all over, the only thing I got was headaches and problems, and the company is impossible to get any help from or get a hold of. This company is CRAP in capitol letters!

  5. I have many fils (photoshop and videos and many staf ) on my pc is ccleaner removed?



  7. if i run cleanerr my pc shuts down why

  8. very clear and understandable presentation.

  9. does clicking select or unselect

  10. This thing is bullshit, I downloaded the trial for professional and it keeps saying requires internet connection when I'm connected to the internet what the hell

  11. You don't need a CD? Just click and it wipes clean?

  12. i just cleaned 100,000,000 GB XDDDDDDD jk

  13. He has Chrome and Firefox but he chooses Internet Explore.

  14. who calls it ccCleaner?

  15. Does It Delete Your Photos And Videos On The WINDOWS EXPLORER

  16. does this improve performance ?

  17. I accidrntaly delete / hide my software from ccleaner without uninstall it. How to unhide the perogram??

  18. I just removed 143,979 MB ????

  19. why are you using internet explorer

  20. my pc gonna die im looking to this screen. It is a help

  21. Thankyou very much @nickcomputerfix

  22. Thank You So MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Thx you need a sub helpful alot

  24. right to the point , no rambling, no random chit chat, the way all instructional info should be formatted, ( you need to make a vid for the youtubers that waste so much of our time), job well done sir, and thank you

  25. Walter white junior?

  26. it can delete all important doc and file if i use this???…

  27. If i press clean the entire unit HDD (remove all data) will it even delete my windows 7 os ? Or just everything on my HDD ?

  28. This may be a stupid question but what if I don't click save and just click run for the download? Will this cause a problem for me?

  29. Really helpful video for using ccleaner for cleaning computer.

  30. 10,728 MB was removed. HOLY

  31. good. simple, clear – thank u much

  32. Nice video on How to use ccleaner.

  33. CC cleaner is a great software. it removes all your Junk and temp. files on your system and free up more also clear browser history cache. and even take a backup nd restore your registry. and this is a very useful and nice video by nickscomputerflix.

  34. hey, do you know how much to clean up a windows 8 but without loosing windows 8 just cleaning up my files and stuff and apps and things I installed thank you.

  35. thank you very informative

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