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How to use command prompt and cmd commands

I made this video years ago when I first started learning command prompt and one thing I don’t mention in this is that if you want to remote shutdown, BOTH computers must be on the same network and all the remote setting on each computer must be configured correctly. This is a tutorial on using the command promp and cmd commands. its kinda hard to understand but i find it usefull.
it will also show you lots of cmd tricks with ip addresses.
command prompt
cmd commands

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  1. Update: I had abandoned this channel many years ago and did not realize how many people would actually go on to watch this! Just checking in to clarify there are a couple inaccuracies in the video that I have noted. I was young at the time and just learning myself!

  2. can i format or delet card or usabe with cmd ?

  3. When I use cd program files it says "The system cannot find the path specified."

  4. To open cmd (universal for all windows)
    Windows key + r
    Then type cmd
    Hit enter

  5. is any one watching in 2017

  6. who wacht in 2017 like it

  7. anyone else watching in 2017?

  8. lol still have vista

  9. this is what I was searching for so long…your vedio has explained every thing I was searching for….thank u

  10. If you write title then 33 the title turns to 33.

  11. 2008 and still better sound of microphone than 2017

  12. wow marlap versoin is Windows LongHorn

  13. Lol tnx,I forgot basic things like cd cd.. dir etc,tnx

  14. how can i watch private video ?

  15. can i shutdown there computers from there ip adress ?

  16. how can i go inside folder but in 1 line command not like this


    i type cd folder1


    but the folder i want is inside like this


    how to go to folder4 but in 1 line code not like this

    cd folder1
    cd folder2
    cd folder3
    cd folder4

    i want to copy the directory from file directory and to go in the specific folder but in 1 line i know i see that in the past

    i know the trick with shift + right click but i use cmder is very good terminal but is not have this feture like normal cmd from microsoft

    thnx if you help me

  17. which software do you use to add annotations I cant find any

  18. I really understood everythin' but please next time try to speak louder while ya r explainin' that way it would be easier Thanks

  19. Keep up the good work

  20. U do realize ip shutdowns to other computers is considered a hack but great video thx . Btw cmd can be used for a lot of hacking uses bye

  21. I really want to learn hacking programming languages to improve the Internet and my PC, White hats for the win :3. I'm going to study for a Computer science degree

  22. Hey sounds like makarov from mw3

  23. If you had trouble getting to the part where you put in program files because you can't get rid of user, type in cd/ and hit enter. Then do cd program files.

  24. why u so quiet

  25. All I had to do is delete System32 and everything worked perfectly fine 🙂

  26. can you please tell me how to run tar command in command prompt?? Thanks! I would really appreciate!

  27. thx a lot! great help :3

  28. Awesome. Great job.

  29. what is firs command?

  30. I guess this works exactly like batch (.bat) files.

  31. hi sir this is my first time to learned and why the command prompt, tells the system cannot find the path specified?..

  32. I need a syringe, i cant hear ,wax is thick.

  33. Windows 7 Ultimate

    Dell laptop XPS 1645

    Technical Information:

    ☆☆☆ STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA8007E53B30, 0xFFFFFA8007E53E10, 0xFFF8005191130)

    I do not want to reformat my computer and restart from fresh.

    Endless CrashDumps Windows 7 Ultimate reboots.

    Can someone help me fix this problem?

    Edit: The problem is now fixed. I can use the computer again.

  34. So guys… If you get the IP adresses of people connected on Google, and you can shut down their PC with a scary message… That's an incredible prank!

  35. Thanks man loved this tutorial. I'll be shutting down my wife's computer while sitting somewhere remote hahahah prank ;/
    Also figuring out the servers connected with trace command is awesome. Feels Good

  36. Thanks bro! I'm starting out so anything correct helps 🙂

  37. thanks for your posting,, you are help me long time i am never find like this thank you so much

  38. or you could do like this!

    Command:shutdown /s /t 7200

    that means shutdown after 7200s(2hours)

  39. …that's just gonna wipe the drive.

  40. Thanks, man! This helped so much now I can finally… I don't even know what I'm going to do with that to make everything simpler…

  41. Do we need Internet for that ip address shutdown stuff?

  42. thanks bro, I've been struggling with this !

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